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Potty Training Basics?

When should I start potty-training my child? How do I kick it off?


When should I start potty-training my child? How do I kick it off?

The Bump Expert

Every kid is different and there are a lot of factors that go into when a child is ready, but if you’re looking for some ballpark timing, two-and-a-half tends to be the ideal age to begin the full training process -- but only if she’s showing readiness signs. “Usually, when baby’s 15 to 18 months old, you can start to sense she’s getting ready,” says Anita Chandra-Puri, MD, a pediatrician with Northwestern Memorial Physicians Group and an instructor of clinical pediatrics at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. Some of the signs it’s time to start are:

• She lets you know when she needs to go.

• She’s interested in the toilet and undies.

• She fusses about dirty diapers.

• She can sit on and rise from a potty.

• Her diaper stays dry for two hours or longer during the day.

Once you see those signs -- and you notice in her expressions or behavior that she needs to use the toilet -- suggest going to the potty. When she’s on the toilet, give positive reinforcements (like cheering her on).

Put a potty chair in the bathroom, schedule bathroom times so she gets into a routine, and bring her to the toilet if you sense she needs to use it. Communicate with your child and understand that if she isn’t ready, you shouldn’t force it. “Never pressure them; they’ll be ready when they’re ready,” says Chandra-Puri.

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The Bump Editors

Potty Training Basics?

I believe that when a kid starts to cruise that it's ready for son is 8mos now and he's standing with soon as he walks I'm gonna start train him.early is better than later.i really can't afford to change a messy diaper of a 2yrs old.

tsh1255 |

Potty Training Basics?

True every child is different and you have to know the signs to start AND the signs to stop. He/she will indicate if they are ready to potty train and if you start too soon you will know by how difficult it is. Although even difficult ones can be trained, best tips here: (this guide saved us sooo much trouble)

ccmommie |

Potty Training Basics?

My baby sitter took it upon herself to start training my daughter as soon as she turned one so she has doing pee pee and pooh pooh at the baby sitter house but my husband thinks its way to soon she just turned 14 months 3 days ago...I don't think she is ready cause she can't say pooh pooh or pee pee yet. So I'm letting her do it when she is at the baby siters house but I don't do it at home yet I figured I would wait until she is adleast 15 months

knostitz |

Potty Training Basics?

I am shocked at how these young Mom's rush everything. When I go to story time with my Grandchildren these Mom's are bragging that their child is off the bottle by 6 mo and they potty train by a year. I recently went with my daughter to her Pediatrician and when discussing potty training for our 2 yr old she said DON'T push. She said there is no medical reason a child has to be potty trained early. The diapers are absorbent and kids will do it when they are ready. She also suggest we stop talking about it until she shows an interest. She said by 2 1/2 she should be ready and then if she isn't showing an interest you can start some training techniques. Too many young Mom's are in competition with their friends.

Granddeb |

Potty Training Basics?

With this method, you’ll have your son or daughter potty trained in as little as a FEW HOURS. Start by 9AM, and you’ll be done by lunchtime! And in those rare cases that take a little longer, you’ll be done before dinner.

Jenniferpressman |

Potty Training Basics?

YES! really does work.

caringcarol |

Potty Training Basics?

I am a first time mother, and tried everything to start my sons potty training, because i didnt want to keep up with the cost of diapers. Changing them isnt so bad, but that hefty bill can add up. UNTIL i found this on the web... Please go to this and check out the little video that is completely from a MOM like you! potty training in 3 days!!! whether its a boy a girl, twins, whichever.. this system works. CHECK THIS OUT

Knottie85735717 |

Potty Training Basics?

Hi, I wanted to get my daughter potty trained fast. I was having so much trouble with her, She is stubborn like her mother :) . I went to I was skeptical, but IT WORKED!! So, I recommend them to anyone. Good luck!

Jenniferpressman |