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How do you potty-train a toddler?

I’d like to start potty-training my toddler. Any tips on getting started?

Re: I’d like to start potty-training my toddler. Any tips on getting started?

The Bump Expert

How do you potty train a toddler?

Unfortunately potty-training a toddler doesn't happen when you want it to happen, but when your toddler decides it's time. And most likely, at the beginning, she’ll be interested in the idea one day and disinterested the next.

How to tell your toddler is potty trained

There are a few ways to tell if your child is on her way to being potty-trained though -- for example: She's comfortable enough with walking that she’d be able to take herself to the bathroom as needed. Dirty diapers make her uncomfortable, and she requests that you change her. She tells you she wants to wear "big-kid" undies. And she expresses curiosity about the toilet habits of grown-ups.

Once you're seeing those signs, it couldn't hurt to suggest the potty whenever you notice in her facial expression or behavior that she needs to use the toilet.

The Bump Editors

How do you potty-train a toddler?

my so will only got in the potty if he is naked but if i put undies or a pull up on he wets it. what do i do he cannot be naked all of the tiem....

joshandjulie08 |

How do you potty-train a toddler?

Great toilet training tips can be found at

Toddler101 |

How do you potty-train a toddler?

Well I started by getting my daughter a potty at 13 months and would sit her on it fully clothed when I went to the bathroom. Then after about a month of that she wanted to do what mommy does so I started pulling her pants and diaper down when I went. Eventually I was taking her every hour or just whenever she wanted to go. Now she is 18 months and tells me when she needs to go "poo poo" and sometimes potty but we are still working on that one. Hope this helps

kkbabe |

How do you potty-train a toddler?

I had a potty chair set up in my bathroom for visitors with little ones potty training. Last week Jaxsin started taking off his diaper and peeing in the potty. He does not do it all the time but alot. Yesterday he went MIA from the living room. When I started to get up and look for hoim he came thru the liviong room door carrying his potty and had pooped in it! So we decided not to preesure just to let him have control. So Proud.

mamiec |

How do you potty-train a toddler?

My son has shown all signs of being ready to potty trained since he turned 1 but soon after we got him potties he didn't want to go on it. He tells me every time he goes number 1 and 2 in his diaper and will sit on his potty with his clothes on. He went on his potty once and was praised greatly but since then he won't go. I am not sure what to do.

bri2131 |

How do you potty-train a toddler?

My son started telling my he want's to go to the potty like his cousin. He did this only when we were at mu sister house.At home he didn't even look at his potty. I found some Phonics Worksheets with a story about a boy and his adventures.He wanted to be a "big boy" so I said to him that if he uses the potty he will be grow a little.

AudreySimpson |

How do you potty-train a toddler?

We potty trained DD a couple of months back using the 3-day Potty Training technique. We modified it a bit to suit, but followed it to the book for the most part and had great success during the day but still struggling a bit with nights. We are also using the Brolly Sheets mentioned ^^^^ at nighttime. I recommend them to any parents that have kids that are heavy wetters or deep sleepers, they're awesome.

JoFarmmer |

How do you potty-train a toddler?

My daughter is 20 months now and has been interested in the potty for about 2 months but i started putting her on the potty first thing in the morning and after naps at about 15 months just so she wouldnt be scared of it. She is progessing well we just ask approx. every hour or so and use "big girl panties" pull ups or plastic training panties when we r at home. But with my son and daughter we never used a little potty just got the seat that goes on the potty. You can go to and they have fantastic stories and videos for your child to watch other kids going potty and see the different challanges you might face. My son is 5 and was potty trained by 2 1/2. He was interested in it at around 1 1/2 but not really ready till almost 2 and i think it wouldn't have taken as long as it did if we hadn't moved so keep in mind anything life changing can set u back. We ended up using a reward system once he was going marked an x on the calendar for every day he kept dry pants and when he had 5 in a row he was allowed to get a beta fish.

Shauna02 |

How do you potty-train a toddler?

yeah I used the potty training in 3 day method too, I have a 2 and 3 year old boy, it does work, and yeah you can add ur own spice to it too. I love how it teaches you positive reinforcement techniques. Here is were I got more info about it...

mommyknowsitall |

How do you potty-train a toddler?

Mamma of three, I have been coming to here for advice for just about EVVVERYTHING since I was first expecting.I come on here not only to read their informative articles but to see what other parents comment, because if there's one thing we can trust is that us as parents stick together and give each other great tips on parenting, I've recently been coming here for potty training my two boys (2)&(3); And between the two I was ready to rip my hair out!!!! I had no where to turn and I got great tips here, Its the morning of day three for me and I think its working!! they both went WILLINGLY! I am now glad that I looked into this method I found on here, at the potty training in days site, and it teaches you how to potty train in just a few days.. Ill keep u guys posted! GOOD LUCK!

mommyknowsitall |

How do you potty-train a toddler?

To be honest...when we were ready to stop the diapers I started talking to my son a lot before we even started to get him mentally prepared for the change. This allowed me to gauge his readiness. We checked out books from the library about potty training and so forth. When we decided to try I think he was more prepared than just one day springing it upon him. I encourage parents to give their children time to think about these things so that they have a better feel for what it is coming.

NineBirths |

How do you potty-train a toddler?

I've got an free article on line about potty training.

TammieCapp |

How do you potty-train a toddler?

I am not sure, my son is 20 months old and he shows no interest really in potty training. I believe all kids develop at different levels so i'm not at all worried. All i can say is see if they act ready to start.

cturner7911 |

How do you potty-train a toddler?

Hi, I went to that . I must say I was skeptical. I mean who are they trying to kid? No child can be trained in A FEW HOURS. But, my mom and I were speaking about it, and she bought it for me as a surprise. My son is a little young to start potty training, but I thought why not give it a try. I was SHOCKED!!!!!!! He started going to the potty. I mean that afternoon. This product is unbelievable. I NEVER would have thought to try that for potty training.'s where I need help. I'm a single mom, and I'm not sure how to go about teaching him to "aim". and I'm so happy he is going in the potty, However...It creates such a mess to clean up. Any words of advice from moms here who have had this problem?

caringcarol |

How do you potty-train a toddler?

Potty training can be a nightmare. With all the rashes, and infections it can cause, you want to be able to potty train your child as quickly as possible. Go to . They can solve all your potty training problems, and you can stop spending your hard earned cash on diapers. Check them out. You'll be glad you did :) .

Jenniferpressman |

How do you potty-train a toddler? an answer to your prayers, and its supported by a money back gurantee! please look at this site and get your child potty trained quick without hassel!

Knottie85735717 |