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Buying Sunglasses for a Toddler?

What should I look for when choosing sunglasses for my toddler?


What should I look for when choosing sunglasses for my toddler?

The Bump Expert

Protecting your child from the sun is a great idea. Convincing her to wear -- or keep on -- a pair of sunglasses may be a struggle, though. Toddlers are notorious for pulling off hats, sunglasses, headbands -- you name it.

Don’t worry, though, if your child won’t keep on a pair of sunglasses; they’re not essential. Try to keep a wide-brimmed hat (with a chin strap!) on her instead. The hat will shade her eyes and provide adequate sun protection. She may rip that off too, but we think you’ll have more luck with it than with sunglasses.

If your child is willing to try sunglasses, look for a pair that include UV protection. UV rays can gradually damage the eyes and over time UV exposure can lead to cataracts. It’s worth it to spend a couple extra dollars to get adequate UV protection.

Look for frames that fit your child’s face. Some kids’ sunglasses come with soft, flexible ear pieces and others wrap almost around the head. You can even find sunglasses that include a stretchy, wrap-around headband.

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Michael Lee, MD, assistant professor of pediatrics at UT Southwestern Medical Center and pediatrician at Children’s Medical Center Dallas

Buying Sunglasses for a Toddler?

I plan to go to the mall next week to do some shopping. I saw a nice Tori Praver swimwear and some cute sunglasses for my son. He's old enough to wear them without any medical recommendation.

TawnyCollyn |

Buying Sunglasses for a Toddler?

I thought it is impossible to make my baby wear sunglasses. He hated them so much and did not want to hear about putting them on till he saw the dallas flower delivery boy wearing Shrek sunglasses, he loved them so much and asked me to buy him the same pair.

amyabel68 |

Buying Sunglasses for a Toddler?

I've never seen a child wearing sunglasses, but my London ON florist told me he's seen a toddler having a pair and he looked like a little mafia boss. I've been trying to get mine to wear them ever since, but no luck so far.

CheyanneEdith |

Buying Sunglasses for a Toddler?

I hear this is mainly a sensitive matter. I am sure they will run toward the most colorful sunglasses when you are out at shopping with your children, but I do hold on my firm belief that a doctor, a specialist should share a point of view and confirm the fact that a pair of sunglasses won`t harm a baby`s vision and sight clarity.

conquerer |

Buying Sunglasses for a Toddler?

I hate it when my child doesn't leave his sunglasses on. It's not like I' made him wear Wolf watch winders, they're light and therefore they should be unnoticeable for him! He's cute when he does it, though, his little hands trying to throw them away are a pleasant view.

KumaraKama |