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Toddler Craft Ideas (That Won’t Stress You Out)

If the phrase “toddler crafts” makes you cringe (what, you don’t like epic messes?), these ideas are for you. These too-cute crafts, shared with us from blogger Courtney from The Fight Against Boredom, are easy enough for a toddler to do -- with your help, of course -- and there aren’t a million things to clean up afterward.

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caterpillar craft

Egg-Carton Caterpillar

What you’ll need:
-Egg carton
-Pipe cleaners
-Googly eyes

Remove the top or bottom of the egg carton, and then cut it down the middle, length-wise. Have your tot paint and color the outside of the egg carton. Wait until it’s dry, and then poke two holes for the antennae (pipe cleaners) at one end. Once you’ve secured the antennae, use a pencil to curl the ends on top. Help your toddler glue the googly eyes on and you have your caterpillar!

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