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Inexpensive Birthday Party Ideas?

How can I plan a birthday party for my child on a budget?


How can I plan a birthday party for my child on a budget?

The Bump Expert

Gymnastics, musical performances, bounce houses, magicians -- kids' birthday parties have gone over the top. But try not to stress. You don’t have to throw an elaborate affair for your kid’s party to be a success. With a little planning, even a simple down-home gathering will get rave reviews. (Even better, the reviewers are the pint-sized set!)

Start by scouring the internet to see what you can find in the way of make-your-own crafts and party supplies (Check out some Pinterest boards for some great ideas). Pick a simple theme, like circles (all the foods can be circled shaped, from donuts to Cheerios; blow circle bubbles; blow up lots of round balloons; fill an inflatable kiddie pool with lightweight plastic balls, etc.) or rainbows (painting murals in rainbow colors, having a multi-layered rainbow cake, etc.) Dollar stores and art supply shops are great resources for inexpensive items.

Keep the fun going with classic party games (there’s a reason Pin the Tail on the Donkey has been around for generations). For favors, consider buying a single inexpensive item (like a jar of bubbles or a coloring book) for each child rather than a goodie bag filled with toys.

Of course, a make-at-home birthday cake or cupcakes will also help keep cost down. It doesn’t have to be perfect, even a store-bought mix and gobs of icing and sprinkles will bring out smiles.

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Alyssa Shaffer

Inexpensive Birthday Party Ideas?

First off, how old is your child? If your child is under 3, then a big party will be unnecessary. Second, depending on your child's age and sociable they are, will determine how many people to invite. Next, for a budget, pick a favorite character, color, season your child likes and work a theme around that. There are a lot of websites, Sprout, Nickeoloden (SP?) that allow you to print out birthday themes. Visit your local Dollar Tree (or dollar store) and pick up simple birthday party supplies. I usually do one birthday item with the theme (say the cake plates or dinner plates) and everything else just matches the color of the theme (I have two girls; one is 2 the other is 10). As far as food, find things that are simple to make (and if your child is old enough, involve them in the cooking process) and I usually splurge on the cake. If you don't want to do that option, some cake stores or online stores have an option of buying cake pans that are shaped as cute shapes. In regards to games, look online. If the child's birthday is in a cooler season and being outside to play is impossible, find some games that involves games (Goldfish) or other games that can be indoor without you losing your sanity. I hope these help a little.

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