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Get Child Ready for Preschool?

How can I help my child get ready for preschool?


How can I help my child get ready for preschool?

The Bump Expert

Don’t stress too much, Mama. Even though it’s got school in its name, preschool isn’t meant to be a vigorous academic environment. In fact, most kids aren’t expected to know their ABCs from their 1, 2, 3s when they get there. It’s really about giving your child a place to develop independence while interacting with other kids. So don’t worry about drilling those alphabet flash cards.

What’s more important is getting your child comfortable with a few simple things. One of the biggest is spending time apart from you. Leave her with a babysitter or a grandparent while you run some errands so she gets used to separation. Another important step is to be able to follow simple instructions. You can start this at home by giving her easy directions, such as hanging up her coat on a low hook and putting away her toys when she’s done playing. It’s also important that she has some basic social skills, which is where play dates and playgroups come in. Beyond that, use your time together to enjoy each other’s company: She’ll be exposed to plenty of academics in the school years ahead.

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Jeanette Sawyer Cohen, PhD, clinical assistant professor of psychology in pediatrics at Weill Cornell Medical College in New York City

Get Child Ready for Preschool?

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