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Is My Child Ready to Give Up Naps?

Is my child ready to give up naps? (Please say no!)


Is my child ready to give up naps? (Please say no!)

The Bump Expert

There’s no magical age at which naptime disappears, and some kids seem to drop the nap much sooner than others. Most two-year-olds do still need an afternoon nap, and even a three-year-old may rely on one to get through the afternoon without a meltdown.

If your toddler regularly doesn’t sleep, even when you routinely put her in a quiet place, she may indeed be ready to skip naptime. Just remember that young children need lots and lots of sleep -- up to 14 hours in most cases -- to keep up their emotional and physical development. Even if she’s getting a full 8 p.m.-8 a.m. overnight snooze session, she may still need those extra two hours midday to be fully rested.

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Diane Bloomfield, MD, attending pediatrician at The Children’s Hospital at Montefiore in Bronx, New York

Is My Child Ready to Give Up Naps?

My 2 year old stop taking naps she will be so sleepy but will not go to bed at all she can get up at 7:00am and have no nap. When it's bed time at night she will sleep all night long

jssica2 |

Is My Child Ready to Give Up Naps?

I'm texting my babysitter right now about this! This is day 2 that my 23 month old will not sleep. She's in her crib happily playing and talking a LOT, but she won't sleep. I can't believe she's ready to give up her naps, but maybe...

NancyKollman |

Is My Child Ready to Give Up Naps?

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tinnitus |

Is My Child Ready to Give Up Naps?

Definitely not she loves sleep so very much!

Banannababy |