Walking, talking, exploring new foods, and taking steps towards greater independence are just a few of the wonderful new things that you will witness as your infant becomes a toddler. Picky eating, raging tantrums, and separation anxiety are some of the less wondrous developments that you will experience. But don’t stress! We have answers to the most pressing questions that moms raising toddlers have. How much sleep does my toddler really need? How much television should I let my toddler watch? How do I potty-train my toddler? How can I keep my toddler’s tantrums under control? A toddler may test your limits but having (and consistently utilizing!) strategies that work can make a big difference. From 0-3 years old is a time of dramatic development for a child’s brain development – this is when he learns how to think, speak, learn, and reason. This early development needs to be nurtured and parents are critical to helping their toddlers get on track for developing healthy patterns that will lead to a lifetime of learning. What can you do with your toddler to foster his intellectual, social, and emotional development? What you can do to help lay down the foundation of success later in school? We have expert tips and advice that will equip you with the know-how to nurture your child’s development. No matter what your parenting style, challenges, or concerns, we can help you develop an approach that works for you and enables you to lay the groundwork for raising a healthy, happy tot.

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2 years

Having a two-year-old isn't so terrible -- but there are plenty of tricky transitions, like switching to a big kid bed, starting to use the potty and getting ready for preschool. We've got the know-how you need to deal with whatever comes your way as your toddler grows and learns to be more independent.


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