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34 Month Old

Are you planning to send your child to preschool? The best three-year-old preschools focus on play and socialization; kids learn by exploring and interacting. They also gradually learn how to wait their turn, stand in line and follow rules -- essential skills that will help throughout her school career. But it’s not a necessity to start yet if you don’t feel your kid is ready. You know best whether or not she is, mama.

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Your Toddler at 34 Months

  • Strangers should be able to understand most of the words your child says.
  • She should be able to follow three- or four-step directions.
  • She’s still easily distractible and likely to follow her own agenda.

Toddler Know-How at 34 Months

Change in routine? Give plenty of advance warning. And be prepared to repeat, “You’re right. Usually we do it that way, but today we’re going to do it this way,” at least two or three dozen times.