33 months old

Say cheese! By 33 months, most children have their full set of baby teeth which means that if your child hasn’t seen a dentist yet, now’s a good time to schedule an appointment. In the meantime, help her take care of her teeth. She might want to brush on her own, but she’s not coordinated enough to do it right, so make sure you get a chance to scrub each tooth surface for her after she takes a turn.

your toddler at 33 months
  • She probably already has a basic understanding of numbers, but it’s going to take some time for her to master counting. So count everything you can together!
  • She may have developed a fear of the dark.
  • She loves using her imagination by playing pretend. Play along!

  • toddler know-how at 33 months

    Convincing your toddler to wear -- or keep on -- a pair of sunglasses may be a struggle. Instead, buy her a wide-brimmed hat (with a chin strap!) which is more likely to stay in place on sunny days.

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