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31 Month Old

Your child has a hard time staying in bed at night? She’s not the only one! Plenty of activity during the day may help her sleep more soundly at night. Naps are important, too. Kids who don’t get enough sleep during the day are often overtired at bedtime, which makes getting them to wind down harder (the irony!). At this age one two-hour nap usually does the trick. If your child is afraid of the dark (or monsters, or whatever), you may have to get creative. Some parents swear by Monster Spray, aka a squirt bottle filled with water you can use to ward off invading monsters.

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Your Toddler at 31 Months

  • She’s into pretend play and may be obsessed with dolls or stuffed animals. Don’t pooh-pooh her from pretending -- play along! You’ll honor her creativity.
  • She still thrives on routine, so keep things consistent as much as you can.

Toddler Know-How at 31 Months

Need to change your child’s bedtime? Start early and adjust it gradually -- by increments of around 10 minutes each day -- to get her to adapt more quickly.