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29 Month Old

Between the ages of two and three, kids undergo a language explosion; their vocabulary undergoes massive expansion, and they begin to understand its nuances. For example, he may have started calling himself “I” or “me,” which means he’s beginning to get pronouns. That’s a huge cognitive leap! Encourage his language development by reading to him (rhythmic and repetitive stories are a hit right now), sing songs together and chat while you play together.

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Your Toddler at 29 Months

  • Even if he’s highly verbal, he doesn’t have all the words and phrases that you do, so he might rely on whining to get his point across.
  • He gets cranky when he’s hungry or tired, so don’t plan anything demanding (like a play date or trip to Home Depot) close to naptime or for when he hasn’t eaten in a while.
  • He loves simple sing-a-long songs -- and if the song has accompanying motions (think Itsy Bitsy Spider), all the better! And he probably digs a good dance party.

Toddler Know-How at 29 Months

Beat frustration by teaching independence. Instead of telling him which puzzle piece goes where, help a little, and make sure he’s the one to place the last piece. That will give him confidence to try again next time.