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28 Month Old

Your toddler is all over the place isn’t he? Now he can run and climb and move astonishingly quickly, so even though you babyproofed when he was little, you’ll want to do it again now. Make sure bookcases and dressers are secured to the wall, since a climbing two-year-old can easily cause tall, heavy furniture to topple (yikes!). Sharp or dangerous objects such as knives should be secured well out of reach; two-year-olds are curious about everything, and they can reach more than you may realize!

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Your Toddler at 28 Months

  • He’s probably pretty good at feeding himself.
  • He’s still prone to choking, so avoid potentially hazardous foods such as whole grapes and raw carrots, and keep cutting his foods into tiny pieces.
  • He probably can use a fork fairly successfully. Spoons are trickier. It will be a while before he can feed himself a bowl of soup without making a huge mess!

Toddler Know-How at 28 Months

Limit TV time to 15-minute increments and an hour or less total per day. You child learns more by playing and having new experiences than he does by zoning out in front of the TV.