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27 Month Old

Have you noticed that your child acts differently at home than anywhere else? Maybe your usually outgoing kid hides behind your legs when strangers are around, or maybe she’s a complete angel at daycare -- and a complete devil at home! Don’t worry -- the inconsistency is completely normal at this age. Two-year-olds adapt their behavior to the environment and toward whether or not they trust certain people, and unfortunately for you, trusting you means she’s more likely to push your buttons.

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Your Toddler at 27 Months

  • She’s all about experimentation -- a little scientist at work, she’s trying to see if X always leads to Y.
  • Predictable, repetitive results help her feel secure in the world. So even though you might be sick of reading Good Night Moon, she’s not. Read it again.

Toddler Know-How at 27 Months

Stick to a nap schedule. Even if your two-year-old seems like he wants to stop napping, he still needs up to 14 hours total sleep per day to feel fully rested. And a routine is the best way to make it happen.