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25 Month Old

Has your two-year-old started to exert her independence? We’re talking about stomping, screaming, defying and all those other frustrating (and totally normal for this age) behaviors. Two-year-olds are possibly the most stubborn, self-centered creatures on earth. They want what they want, when they want it -- usually, right now! Hang in there, mama. The good news is that your child’s stubborn streak means she’s going through a ton of cognitive growth. She now understands that she’s a separate person who can make things happen in the world. And eventually, things will get less, um, dramatic.

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Your Toddler at 25 Months

  • Some kids are ready to begin potty training now, but others aren’t -- and if you try to push the issue, you’ll just end up losing to a very stubborn toddler. Just watch for signs of readiness and reward any small successes.
  • She likes to make her own choices. Let her, but don’t be afraid to say no here and there. Two-year-olds need consistent, safe limits.
  • Tantrums may still be a problem. Be patient; eventually she’ll learn not to flip out so much.

Toddler Know-How at 25 Months

Let your toddler make small choices, like which shirt to wear today, but don’t be afraid to say no to the big things, like letting her climb the tallest slide in the park!