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18 Month Old

We’ve all done it: the sneak-away-without-saying-good-bye-once-the-sitter-arrives tactic. But, in order to avoid having baby think you could disappear at any time, always acknowledge your departure. Other effective strategies? Set him up with an activity as you’re leaving -- and keep good-byes firm, but lighthearted.

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Your Toddler at 18 Months

  • Kids this age are total attention hogs, so don’t be shocked if your toddler turns up the volume every time you begin an adult conversation.
  • She’s also into exercising her independence -- though you may not see it when she’s clinging to your leg at daycare drop-off. Ms. Independent is more likely to express herself through words like “mine!” and “now!” and by refusing to be strapped down in any manner.

Toddler Know-How at 18 Months

Let your toddler buckle in a stuffed friend before climbing in the car seat -- it might make her feel better about buckling up too.