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14 Month Old

Got a biter on your hands? Don’t worry: Biting is actually a really common phase for toddlers and won’t last too long. Since they can’t communicate emotions, particularly frustration, they bite. You’ll find that most other parents are understanding -- but do make it clear to your little one that biting isn't acceptable.

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Your Toddler at 14 Months

  • Baby may be practically running or may still be summoning the courage for first steps.
  • Expect bumps, splats, and somersaults, since depth perception and coordination take a while.
  • You might also notice bowlegs, flat feet, or baby’s toes pointing out when she walks. These are common and should disappear later.
  • Your mini-me may be digging into -- and emptying -- everything in reach (boxes, bags, trash cans, your purse). Keep anything messy or dangerous out of reach.

Toddler Know-How at 14 Months

When baby tumbles, your reaction can have a big effect on hers. If you ignore minor falls -- or even clap and say “nice one!” -- you may avoid the tears and drama.