7 Ways to Prep for Baby in the DC Area

Don’t just get bigger. Get smarter! Get ready for baby with one of these cool, local classes.

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Childbirth education

Get a primer in the stages of labor and the scoop on pain-relief techniques—whether you want drugs or not. You’ll practice relaxation and comfort measures, and your partner will learn how to support you during labor. Also find out what to expect during the postpartum period.
Take it at Nurtured Beginnings, LLC, $225 per couple for two-week session, (703) 424-8145

Cesarean childbirth

If you know you’re having a c-section, this is for you. You’ll get a private session covering the details of what really happens during the surgery, advice on recovery and tips of having a positive birth experience.
Take it at Lamaze International, DC Chapter, $125 plus travel, (703) 598-5213

Breastfeeding prep

Getting the knack of breastfeeding can be much easier if you already know the basics. This class covers how to properly position baby, get her to latch correctly and know she’s feeding enough. You’ll also learn what supplies to get and what to expect during baby’s first days.
Take it at The Breastfeeding Center for Greater Washington, free, (202) 293-5182

Twins and other multiples

If you’re carrying more than one baby, you’ll want to take this class. You’ll find out how giving birth to multiples can be different, and learn strategies for keeping up with more than one newborn at a time.
Take it at The George Washington University Hospital, $70 per couple, (703) 739-2832

Infant care

Get information on making the transition into parenthood with this crash course. You’ll get how-tos on bathing, diapering and soothing.
Take it at Sibley Memorial Hospital, $70 per couple, (202) 537-4076

Dad program

This class isn’t for you, but it can certainly make your life a bit easier. Your partner can take Fatherhood Matters, a course on how to adjust to all the changes that becoming a dad can bring. Veteran dads lead the discussion on parenting, relationship, sex, family and more.
Take it at MedStar Washington Hospital Center, free, (202) 877-6161

Becoming a sibling

Kids ages three to nine find out what happens during labor and birth, how to hold a baby and how to get ready for a new little brother or sister.
Take it at Special Beginnings Birth and Women’s Center $10 per child, (410) 626-8982

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