7 Ways to Prep for Baby in St. Louis

Don’t just get bigger. Get smarter! Get ready for baby with one of these cool, local classes.

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Childbirth education

Get a primer on the stages of labor and the scoop on pain-relief techniques—whether you want drugs or not. Find out what happens if there are complications during childbirth and what to expect after delivery. And get tips on how to create the right birth plan for you.
Take it at Missouri Baptist Medical Center, class series start at $79, (314) 996-5433

Infant massage

Massage promotes relaxation and can help you and baby develop a stronger bond. You’ll get hands-on instruction in the different baby massage techniques and take home an illustrated step-by-step guidebook and a bottle of massage oil.
Take it at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, $20 per parent and child, (314) 454-5437

Breastfeeding prep

Getting the knack of breastfeeding can be much easier if you already know the basics. This class covers how to properly position baby, get her to latch correctly and know if she’s feeding enough. You’ll also learn how to establish a good supply, express and store milk, and continue breastfeeding once you return to work.
Take it at Barnes-Jewish Hospital, $30 per family, (314) 362-6667

Nurturing the new family

This class teaches you how to prepare for your family for the newest addition, from getting your home ready for baby to easing into your new role as a parent. It even tells you how to “babyproof” your and your partner’s relationship.
Take it at Babymoon Boutique, $35, (636) 441-5551

Infant care

Get information on making the transition into parenthood with this crash course. You’ll get how-tos on bathing, diapering, dressing and safety.
Take it at St. Luke’s Hospital, $40 per couple, (314) 205-6906

Siblings class

Help your kid make the move from only child to older brother or sister. This class for soon-to-be siblings will teach her the right way to hold, feed and diaper a baby. Plus she’ll make a visit to the nursery. Recommended for children ages 3 and older.
Take it at St. Anthony’s Medical Center, $15, (314) 268-4669

Preparing the family pet

A local vet will walk you through preparing and introducing your furry friend to your newborn—and fill you in on what to expect when baby starts crawling and interacting (read: fur-pulling!) with your pet.
Take it at Mercy Hospital St. Louis, $10, (314) 961-2229

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