7 Ways to Prep for Baby in Orange County

Don’t just get bigger. Get smarter! Get ready for baby with one of these cool, local classes.

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Childbirth education

Get a primer in what happens during labor and the low-down on relaxation and pain-relief techniques. Find out what happens if there are complications or interventions during childbirth. And know what to expect after delivery, including strategies to help yourself speedily recover after baby arrives.
Take it at PacifiCord, free for Southern California residents, (888) 379-2670

Vbac class

If you had a c-section before but want to go vaginal this time around, this is the class for you. You’ll get the scoop on labor and delivery, strategies for managing pain and details to help you make the ultimate choice between VBAC and cesarean.
Take it at Saddleback Memorial Medical Center, $55 per couple, (800) 636-6742

Breastfeeding prep

Getting the knack of breastfeeding can be much easier if you already know the basics. This class covers how to properly position baby, get her to latch correctly and know she’s feeding enough. You’ll also learn what you can and can’t eat, how to care for sore nipples and how to choose a breast pump.
Take it at Berlin Wellness OC, $50 per couple, (714) 751-2229

Babies multiplied

If you’re carrying twins or other multiples, you’ll want to take this class. You’ll learn strategies for keeping up with more than one newborn at a time during everything from bath time to bedtime.
Take it at Mission Hospital, $30 per couple, (949) 364-1770

Baby care

Get information on making the transition into parenthood with this crash course. You’ll get how-tos on bathing, diapering and skin care.
Take it at South Coast Midwifery, $35 per couple, (949) 654-2727

Dad program

This class isn’t for you, but it can certainly help you out. Your partner can do a Boot Camp for Expectant Dads, where he’ll learn how to handle his new role as dad from the best teachers possible: new fathers who’ve made it through the newborn period.
Take it at St Joseph Hospital, $15 per dad, (714) 771-8266

Becoming a sibling

Kids ages chat openly about what it will be like to become a big brother or sister and learn what will change when the baby arrives, plus how to help mom and dad.
Take it at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital, $15 per family, (805) 569-8229

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