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7 Ways to Prep for Baby in Houston

Don’t just get bigger. Get smarter! Get ready for baby with one of these cool, local classes.

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Childbirth education

Get a primer in the stages of labor and the scoop on pain relief techniques—both medication and natural. Find out how to create a birth plan. Learn what happens if there are complications during childbirth and what to expect after delivery.
Take it at: Premier OB/GYN of West Houston, $65, (713) 464-2011

Cesarean childbirth

If you know you’re having a c-section, this is the class for you. You’ll get details on what really happens during the surgery, including how the anesthesia works. Plus, advice on recovering after the birth.
Take it at: The Women’s Hospital of Texas, $35, (713) 790-1234

Breastfeeding prep

Getting the knack of breastfeeding isn’t always so simple. Head off problems by learning as much as you can early on. This class covers how to properly position baby, get her to latch correctly and know she’s feeding enough. Also, get the scoop on what you can and can’t eat, how to avoid sore nipples and how to pump and store breastmilk.
Take it at: Nativiti Women’s Health and Birth Center, $25, (281) 296-2333

Infant care

Get info to make the transition to motherhood with this crash course. You’ll find out what newborn characteristics are normal (so you don’t get thrown off by unexpected things like a cone-shaped head!). And get how-tos on breastfeeding, bathing, diapering and soothing baby.
Take it at: Rite of Passage Women’s Health & Birth Center, $75, (281) 485-2886

Twins and other multiples

If you’re carrying more than one baby, you’ll want to take this class. You’ll get tips on how the heck to keep up with more than one newborn at a time during everything from bath-time to bedtime.
Take it at: The Motherhood Center, $90, (713) 963-8880

Dad and sibling programs

These classes aren’t for you per se, but they can certainly help you out. Your partner can take part in the Becoming a Father Program, where he’ll learn how to handle his new role as dad, get baby care basics and learn ways to help you out. If you’ve got an older child, consider enrolling him in Sibling Orientation, where 3- to 10-year-olds learn what becoming an older sibling means and learn tactics to help them to adjust to life with the new baby.
Take them at: The Methodist Hospital, both free, (713) 790-3333

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