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Q&A: Will I need a diaper pail?

Do diaper pails really work? Should we bother getting one?

Re: Do diaper pails really work? Should we bother getting one?

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Ellie Miller and Melissa Gould: Yes. And no. We are happy to report that there are many fabulous diaper pails on the market, and they seem to be getting better. By fabulous, we mean they really do eliminate odors and are easy to maintain. Some require brand specific bag refills, which can get pricey. If you're on a budget, you can find some good pails that use regular kitchen-sized garbage bags. If any smell is too much for you, keep in mind that a walk to the outside garbage can do the trick just as well.

Ellie and Melissa

Q&A: Will I need a diaper pail?

No! They stink no matter what and the refills are expensive. I got rid of it after the first few months and since then just wrap poopy diapers in a plastic grocery bag and walk them to the trash outside. It's stink-free and a great way to reuse those bags.

titania9 |

Q&A: Will I need a diaper pail?

Poop scares my husband- diaper pail's are his friend. And mine too. Just make sure clean them, and they help.

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Q&A: Will I need a diaper pail?

I have a dog and cat, so we need a trash can that they CAN'T get into, even if they knock it over. We got a Diaper Champ since it uses regular trash bags and they can't get into it unless they break the top off. You can get a trash can with a lid that for as little as half the price of the Diaper Champ, but the lid can still open if the can is knocked over. Even the most expensive diaper pail with special odor-blocking bags won't be smell-proof, so I don't see the point of spending a ton on one!

ces25c |

Q&A: Will I need a diaper pail?

I agree with titania9. It's great to use until you have to empty it out. The smell of multiple diapers smacks you in the face pretty fast. I ended up giving it away and just using little bags to dispose the diapers. It's simple and easy.

kcaraballo |

Q&A: Will I need a diaper pail?

A lot of people really like diaper pails. I used one in the beginning, but then got lazy and never used one again. Definitely makes the house smellier, but it's one less garbage to have to manage. Here is a great overview though of diaper pails if you are interested in getting one. Check it out:

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Q&A: Will I need a diaper pail?

I have priced out diaper pails and the refills, they are not practical for me. I just use a regular garbage can with a tight sealing lid. No matter if they had the air fresherner in it or I had to use one. I wouldn't get one.

srwb |

Q&A: Will I need a diaper pail?

I would no. I've gone through a few diaper pails and by our second child decided it wasn't necessary. Basically, this all boils down to taking out the trash. There are some nice plastic bags made especially for diaper disposal that worked great and neutralized the smell of the diaper especially when on the go. I kept a few in my diaper bag and they did the trick! Diaper pails hold germs and smells if not given attention on a regular basis. I say splurge on something else that you'll want to use with each child.

LuvBags10 |

Q&A: Will I need a diaper pail?

it depends on how often you change your garbage. I would just to eliminate the odor from the air. as they get older it is more difficult to reduce odor since you use less diapers. I use cloth diapers and use a regular plastic trash can with a flipping lid, with a washable pail liner. It works so well and holds more diapers than a diaperpail. Also, you dont have to buy liners.

nessafishy |

Q&A: Will I need a diaper pail?

It's been a while since we've used them (our children are older now), but I can honestly say that I stopped using our pail after a few moths. It was a pain when the whole bag system got stuck, and honestly they stunk anyway. What made the stench worse was that usually if you have a diaper pail you'll keep it in the room. The smells, then, just ends up staying in the home. I think it's just cheaper if you use a regular grocery bag as trash and go throw them out in the garage bin in the garage or utility area.

Ta&Ma |

Q&A: Will I need a diaper pail?

We didn't bother with one. We usually take the garbage out every night. But if you are lazy then get one.

iloveu4ever |

Q&A: Will I need a diaper pail?

Mine is an old fashion 5 gl pail decorated with a lid, I plan to use cloth diapers so I need something I can hose out and bleach! :)

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