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Q&A: Swollen feet and ankles during pregnancy?

My ankles and feet are so swollen. Is there anything I can do?

Re: My ankles and feet are so swollen. Is there anything I can do?

The Bump Expert

Pregnancy puffiness: Another of those uncomfortable and annoying, but not usually dangerous, symptoms. First off, know what’s normal and what isn't. Call your doctor if you see swelling in your face, your hands puff up more than just a little bit, one leg is much more swollen than the other, or your ankles or feet swell very suddenly. (This can be a sign of preeclampsia.)

For everyday swelling, R&R coupled with prevention is your best bet. Get off your feet and lie down (preferably on your left side) whenever possible. When you sit, elevate your feet if you can, don't cross your ankles or legs, and stretch frequently. Also, get up and walk around to keep your blood moving. Drink plenty of water, even if it seems counterintuitive. If the swelling gets really bad, try support hose. You may feel like you’re channeling your grandma... but the sweet relief will be worth it!

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Paula Kashtan

re: Q: Swollen feet and ankles?

I just received a lymphatic massage from a prenatal massage therapist that really helped to ease the swelling of my feet!

CharlieandJenn |

Q&A: Swollen feet and ankles during pregnancy?

my legs and ankles don't seam to be swollen but I can't wear my wedding ring anymore and it was loose to begin with. :/

DuckyBear |

Q&A: Swollen feet and ankles during pregnancy?

My midwife also said that mild swelling of the ankles and legs means you need to eat more protein. She recommended 75 g per day for me, but I have found that I need to eat more like 85-95 to really see a difference (she said that it probably meant that I needed more, maybe because I exercise), combined with walking a couple of miles during the day.

feminaformosa |

Q&A: Swollen feet and ankles during pregnancy?

My feet just started to swell this week and i'm only 25 weeks. I'm just wondering, will this get any worst since i have at least 11-12 weeks to go?


Q&A: Swollen feet and ankles during pregnancy?

my hands and feet tend to be more swollen int he morning when i wake up after laying all night n i sleep with the pillows opn my left side like it says it the best way to sleep and it makes my hands cramp up and its hard to do things like brush my hair n teeth in the morning but after being up n active it tends to go away..any advice?

juinieboo0113 |

Q&A: Swollen feet and ankles during pregnancy?

my ankles and feet have been swelling up since about my 21st week ( I am now 24 weeks with twins.) DR says to keep feet up as much as possible, but my feet are so swollen, he gave me a note to wear slippers to work because all my shoes are too small now and very uncomfortable. I dont know how much is too much, but when your feet start looking like cabbage patch feet like mine do, listen to your body and rest.

hvnsangel702 |

Q&A: Swollen feet and ankles during pregnancy?

I am 34 weeks and my feet and ankles have been swelling since about 26 weeks. However in the last couple of weeks the swelling has gotten worse and it is harder to make it go away. A couple times a day at work I have to go and lay down (on my side) in the rest area because my feet are at the point that they feel they might explode. When I get home I am pretty much couch ridden trying to get the sweling to go down.

brandilane |

Q&A: Swollen feet and ankles during pregnancy?

Protein and salt pull excess fluid out of the body tissues and back into circulation. Also, my midwife recommended steeping thin slices of 1 lemon and 1/2 cucumber in a glass pitcher overnight and drink that the next day. You can do without the cucumber if you don't care for the taste.

edibagno |

Q&A: Swollen feet and ankles during pregnancy?

My doctor recommended limiting salt intake of course, and keeping my feet elevated as much as possible. Of course when you work as a full time nurse, its hard to do that! Im 27 weeks this week and hope that I can keep the swelling down to prevent me from developing preclampsia

snewborn0718 |

Q&A: Swollen feet and ankles during pregnancy?

For those of you with pre-existing injuries, such as ankle sprains...swelling is inevitable. My right ankle has been swelling for weeks and now that I am 24 weeks, the swelling is starting to go to my feet. My doc just told me to get support stockings to wear, especially during work. It is so hard to stay off your feet and keep them elevated!

michkev9707 |

Q&A: Swollen feet and ankles during pregnancy?

Support hose are a Godsend! I do feel pretty frumpy in them, but the relief I feel far outweighs the fashion crime. My fiance and I joke about it and I pretend to be sexy in them. They work great!

thdish2011 |

Q&A: Swollen feet and ankles during pregnancy?

Taking a daily walk really helps me. I drink tons of water every day anyway, so walking and trying to avoid salt and sodium are the only recourses I have.

debelmontkid |

Q&A: Swollen feet and ankles during pregnancy?

I have been taking a little extra magnesium at night, and that seems to really help too!

klong75 |

Q&A: Swollen feet and ankles during pregnancy?

My doctor recommended Preggers maternity compression products - I only need to wear the socks, not the full length pantyhose so that's a relief - can you imagine trying to put those on! But, if I needed them, I would do it because the socks have made a HUGE difference for me. She recommended Preggers because they aren't your typical medical-like socks. They have more colors and styles and don't look medical at all.

charpenau |

Q&A: Swollen feet and ankles during pregnancy?

My swelling was really bad after a long day at work. I have been on bed rest for about 4 weeks now and have just hit 34 weeks. After only a couple days of bed rest the swelling went down, now that I am allowed to move around the condo a bit the swelling has returned. I was told its normal and not to worry. I hope must of my extra weight is swelling ;) Then it can just go away after the baby is born!

kerrswood |

Q&A: Swollen feet and ankles during pregnancy?

I have been mainly working morning shifts getting off around 3:30. This was helping me when I didn't realize. I have switched to working mid shifts getting off work around 7 or 8. Yes it's nice to sleep in but the later in the day I am on my feet the worse the swelling is. I noticed it the first three days that I worked those shifts, at 32 weeks I had no issues before that. My midwife wrote a note for me so I don't have to work super late. On all my breaks I elevate my feet. Hope I can make it to 40 weeks!

jlauren22 |

Q&A: Swollen feet and ankles during pregnancy?

Swimming helps! If I swim more than twice a week, my swelling goes away. Also, I know it sounds backwards but, increasing your salt intake (make sure it's iodized) a little bit also helps.

Kelticlady |

Q&A: Swollen feet and ankles during pregnancy?

Walk, Walk, and Walk. My first pregnancy I stared swelling at 19 weeks and got worse everyday even my doctors and nurses could not believe it when I would show them my feet and ankles. I am now 35 weeks into my second and have not been nearly as swollen I have been walking 3 to 4 times a week...

cejoh |

Q&A: Swollen feet and ankles during pregnancy?

My ankles, feet and hands are swollen too. I try to prop my feet up at work but its so uncomfortable so I am doing my best to drink more water and cut down as much as I can on salt. I am not gonna try the walking thing while at work cause I cant really go to the gym anymore and I cant walk outside at night cause I get bitten alive by the insects. 4 more weeks left and I can not wait.

nilu129 |

Q&A: Swollen feet and ankles during pregnancy?

I saw my Dr today and obviously im swollen too...Dont feel bad my bands dont fit anymore either and this happened in the past week or so...UGH! But she said to drink Lemon Water that will help reduce the swelling..not the premaid kind tho get a glass of water and squeeze a lemon in and besides it being a diuretic it also does tons of other healthy stuff to your body!!!

babiigiirl233 |

Q&A: Swollen feet and ankles during pregnancy?

I'm 34 weeks pregnant with twins and have been on modified bedrest since 29 weeks ("modified" meaning I'm allowed to do a little walking if I feel up to it). I was pretty much glued to my couch or bed due to very low energy/pelvic pain and pressure/contractions until a few days ago when I suddenly felt almost normal. I got up and did some things around the house for a few days and now I'm rediculously swollen in my hands, feet, and ankles. I feel like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man! Its SO uncomfortable, I feel worse now than before (I hadn't had much swelling before, if any). This SUCKS! I'm grateful for all the advice on here, I'll try the lemon water starting tomorrow and get support socks if need be (not that they'll help my hands). A few people have mentioned it, but I will too- there needs to be a proper balance of liquid and salt in your diet to help with swelling, limiting salt intake will only make it worse. I've read that in several pregnancy and pregnancy nutrition books, and heard it from my nutritionist, doctor, and nurse. Good luck to all you other swollen ladies.

jjsoftly |

Q&A: Swollen feet and ankles during pregnancy?

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Q&A: Swollen feet and ankles during pregnancy?

My feet and legs started to get swollen at 14 weeks. My doctor recommended limit salt in take and to get compression stockings. He checked my blood pressure and said he didn't feel it was preclamsia because my blood pressure was great. The first sign of that is high blood pressure. He said he would be more concerned for it closer to my due date. I have been watching my salt in take and wearing the compression stockings and they are still HUGE and when I mean HUGE I mean I have no ankles and my feet and legs look like they are going to blow up. I am now 24 weeks and see the doctor tomorrow so we will see what he says about them now. Try compression stockings they do help to a certain extent but you have to stay off you feet if possible which is hard for me. Good Luck!

williamsbritt |

Q&A: Swollen feet and ankles during pregnancy?

I am 36 weeks today and so swollen my ear is numb and my face and shoulders tingle. I went to the hospital but everything baby/pregnancy checked out. I've been dealing with pregnancy carpal tunnel syndrome for 2 months and now my face is a little puffy too. The Dr. said it's "normal" swelling and to just make sure I stay hydrated and put my feet up. I was worried about Bells Palsy, but nothing like that is going on. Phwew. Cannot wait for this to be over!!

nicsharp7883 |

Q&A: Swollen feet and ankles during pregnancy?

I'm just about 35 weeks, and my feet have been a little swollen since about 32 weeks or so. I'm a teacher, so even though I tried to sit down and put my feet up as much as possible, that's really not something I could count on. Now that i'm off for summer, I can put my feet up whenever I need to - and I'll actually have to make a conscious effort to get up and move! :) My hands have been a little swollen for a while, I haven't been able to wear my engagement ring since March and my wedding band since the end of May. I also have started suffering from pregnancy induced CTS, which the midwife says is normal (as is the amount of swelling in my feet). It's just annoying because my finger joints are so stiff and it hurts to even brush my teeth in the morning. Plus my fingertips on my dominant hand are pretty numb. I've found floating around in my aunt's pool has given me the best relief when the swelling is bad enough to make my feet actually hurt, and if my husband gently rubs my feet and hands, it helps, too. Swimming is also great for my lower back pain, too. And I"m constantly sucking down water!

jrowan422 |

Q&A: Swollen feet and ankles during pregnancy?

My midwife suggested spending time in the pool. The water pressure 5 feet down is strong enough to push the excess fluid back into circulation. I just hung out in the deep end last weekend and it worked really well! It took about 45 minutes but by the time I was done my feet/ankles were back to normal size. She suggested doing it as long as you can, typically until you have to pee from all the fluid being pushed back into your system. This helps motivate me to do my water aerobics several times per week. If you can dry off and put your compression stockings on right away it helps even more.

mamamedeiros1 |