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Stripping the Membranes?

What is "stripping the membranes?" Does it really get labor going?


What is "stripping the membranes?" Does it really get labor going?

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To "strip" your membranes, your doctor will sweep her (gloved) finger over the thin membranes that connect the amniotic sac and your uterus. This prompts your body to release prostaglandins, hormones that ripen the cervix and can bring on contractions. This procedure won’t be done unless you go past your due date, and even then it isn’t guaranteed to work.

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Stripping the Membranes?

I'm 38 weeks today & my doc did it at my appointment this morning =( I didn't really get an explanation except that he seemed really surprised that I was already 3+ cm dilated and baby was sitting really low in my pelvis.

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Stripping the Membranes?

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