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Q&A: Picking out a car seat?

What features should I look for when picking out a car seat?

Re: What features should I look for when picking out a car seat?

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First, of course, is safety. After that, some other things to consider:

Make sure you find a seat that is easy to use. You should be absolutely positive that you can easily install the base (or the full seat, if you go the convertible route). An improperly installed seat is dangerous, so stay away from anything with overly-complicated instructions or that requires adjustments with each use. And remember, you might not be the only one doing installation. Get a seat that will be easy for others (like sitters or grandparents) to operate as well.

You don’t want your little angel cruising around in an uncomfortable seat! Try to find a seat that gives baby plenty of support and padding for a comfy ride.

Restraints That Fit
The seat’s restraint system needs to keep baby firmly in place. Luckily, most of today’s new seats are sold with your safest option: a 5-point harness. These have straps that fully adjust to secure baby’s upper body and thighs, and are designed to distribute the force of a crash to baby’s strongest parts (the pelvis and shoulders).

Some convertible seats offer the option of a tray shield (or overhead shield), which can be easier to use but doesn’t fit baby as snugly. These have shoulder straps and a plastic bar across the lap, both held in place by a crotch strap. It is a common misconception that the plastic bar keeps baby more secure -- tests have actually shown that they may be more dangerous in the event of a crash, or may cause damage to a child’s head or neck. The one scenario where this sort of seat might be your best bet is if baby will be traveling with a caregiver who is unwilling or unable to properly tighten and untwist the belts of the 5-point harness.

Easy Cleaning
Believe it or not, not all car seats come with removable, machine washable covers. Get one that does. Trust us.

Safety Note
If you plan to buy or borrow a used seat, make sure it meets today’s safety standards, hasn’t been involved in any recalls or previous crashes, and comes with complete labels and instructions.

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Q&A: Picking out a car seat?

Recieved the highest overall ease of use rating by NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) The First Years Via Infant Seat (I450), and True Fit C670

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Q&A: Picking out a car seat?

Please remember that if you are ever in a car accident with a car seat installed (whether the baby was traveling with you or not) tell your insurance company that you have a car seat and they will REPLACE IT! Do not use a car seat that's been involved in an accident, even if it looks like there's no damage, you don't now for sure and why take the chance if your insurance covers it anyway???

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Q&A: Picking out a car seat?

Never take a hand-me-down car seat or buy one from a garage sale. As ther person above has stated a car seat should never be used after it has been in an accident. With hand-me-downs or garage sale items you really don't know what the car seat has been through. Car seat standards also change from year to year and I was told that you should upgrade your car seats every two years. I was wondering if anyone has heard anything about the new Air Protect Car Seat? I have a new lil one due in July and was thinking of getting it.

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Q&A: Picking out a car seat?

If you are talking about the new Safety First one I have heard that they are not any better than anything else. We did alot of research in the internet and talked to a woman who was over the car seats at Babies R US. Now I wouldn't live by something that some random stranger at Babies R Us told us she confirmed what we found through our research. Britex are rated as one of the best out there. They are expensive but from what I have seen worth it for the money. We registered for the convertible one and then a graco travel system to use when the baby is young. I have heard good things about the Graco Sungride. The travel systems and infant car seat are a matter of preference. I like the idea of leaving the baby in the seat and putting the seat in the shopping cart or stroller or just carrying it. But that is me. My husband was totally smitten with that new car seat when they got in at the Target he works at and since then has changed his mind becuase Safety First isn't as well rated as Britex. This is what we have found someone else may have found something different. Good Luck choosing the are 100's of car seats out there and it is overwhelming and confusing!

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Q&A: Picking out a car seat?

My issue has been finding a car seat, whether it was a convertible one that goes from infant through the first few years or the infant carrier, that actually fits in both of our cars. I have a Honda Civic and my husband has a Mazda 3, both small compact cars. My husband is 6'1", so in order for him to be a passenger in my car with the car seat in the back has been such a fun experience (total sarcasim). Babies-R-Us was very helpful in the fact that they let you take them out to your car to test them out and see if they fit.

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Q&A: Picking out a car seat?

I have two small kids so decided to change the car we had.After some visits to some car dealers we bought a Ford and gave the old one to an automobile donation program.My son is 8 years old and my daughter is 1.There is a general rule when it comes to installing the car seat for babies in the right way.The rule is saying that the baby should always stay in the center of the back seat and he should face backward and it has medical research behind it. In most cases you will be provided with an instructions manual when buying the infant car seat so you should get to install it the proper way if you follow it step by step.My husband struggled a time before figuring out how to install it,but it all worked out in the end.

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Q&A: Picking out a car seat?

I can't believe that there still are people out there that don't use car seats for their babies. I just saw one today on the ride home and I was shocked. How can that still happen? I saw at Used Cars Tucson that some of those cars come already equipped with car seats, so I can't figure it out.

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Q&A: Picking out a car seat?

Safety and comfort, first of all! Your baby's safety is the most important thing when it comes to car seats. I recently got one of those winnebago motorhomes because I like to travel a lot and I thought one would be useful. I wasn't wrong! And it's comfortable as well for the entire family. All I need to get now is the seat that meets today’s safety standards.

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Q&A: Picking out a car seat?

I recently gave birth to the love of my life.His name is Connor and we went this past weekend to shop for a car seat.My brother, who is now the proudest uncle ever came with us to pick it up because we wanted it to be safe and confortable for Connor.He works for so we taught it was easier for us to have him install the car seat and make sure it's mounted properly.And of course a used seat wasn't an option for us because Connor's safety is the most important thing in the world.

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Q&A: Picking out a car seat?

My husband is a car race pilot and he recently bought one of those V8 hot laps as he wants to use it both for races and for traveling. We've just decided to spend our holidays on Montreal and as we have a six months baby we need a car seat for him. I found some comfortable car seats at a baby store and I chose one that is made especially for sport cars like ours. For us the most important is to know that our baby will be safe and comfortable while traveling.

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Q&A: Picking out a car seat?

If you have trouble finding a car seat for your car you could call limo hire London and your problem is solved:)) You won't even have to drive. Have a nice day!!

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Q&A: Picking out a car seat?

I followed these steps instinctively. After I bought a Herb Connolly model, my wife told me that we need a new car seat. My baby is a little plump so my old car seat wasn't enough. I was looking for an ergonomic model, easily removable, with very strong attachments. I think I found the right model.

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Q&A: Picking out a car seat?

I saw a great seat belt on a website, but I don't know which one anymore, due to the fact that I've browsed so many lately, like Airport Marina Honda website

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Q&A: Picking out a car seat?

It shouldn't be so difficult to pick a car seat for your children. I remember that I was searching for some Miami Beach condos agencies for my family. During the drive I saw at least five stores on a distance of 9 km.

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Q&A: Picking out a car seat?

The installation of the backrest covers is by velcro. So, just slip the backrest cover over the existing backrest in the truck and make sure the seams line-up nicely, pull the tail of the backrest portion of the seat cover through where the back and bottom meet and attach the hook and loop portions of velcro sewn to the cover. Done. The seat cushions attach with a bunji cord. Used Ssangyong Rexton

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Q&A: Picking out a car seat?

According to me, you have to select a car seat according to the safety, comfort, adjust-ability and your capabilities. Check your car seat every time, when you use it. Make sure it is securely locked in place. Limo Hire London

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Q&A: Picking out a car seat?

Some cars have an extra car seat, perfect for the baby. Due to this accessory the price of the car is higher than usual. I don't know so many things about the history of the automobile, but I am sure that the goal is to create the perfect car, with all the accessories included.

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Q&A: Picking out a car seat?

Do a thorough research on the car seats available in the market. Start comparing features only then you would get a clear view. Do buy any car seat just because it is cheap. When it comes to safety and comfort you should not compromise. There are plenty car servicing and repairing facility available well equipped with tire machine and other tools, so you do not have to worry if your car breaks down on the road.

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Q&A: Picking out a car seat?

Before you buy a car seat, you should check the car to see if it is safe or not to drive it. If not, then it is time to sell it and buy a new one or a used one, but one that is functional. You will find some great offers if you check it out here.

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