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Q&A: Maternity ward tour questions?

I'm touring the maternity ward soon. What questions should I ask?

Re: I'm touring the maternity ward soon. What questions should I ask?

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Since getting your questions answered is the whole point of taking a maternity ward tour, planning them out beforehand is definitely a good idea. Here are a few to get you started: 

[  ] When we arrive, do we need to check in at the front desk, or can I waddle straight to the maternity ward?

[  ] What are the policies on cameras and video cameras?

[  ] Are cell phones allowed?

[  ] Will baby be able to stay in my room the whole time?

[  ] Can daddy stay the night?

[  ] What are my chances for getting a private room? Will my insurance cover it?

[  ] What sort of breastfeeding support is offered? How does it work?

[  ] Where and when are my other children allowed to be with me?

[  ] Is there any extra paperwork involved to get my partner’s name on the birth certificate? (If you aren't married)

[  ] Can I pre-register a couple of weeks before delivery? (Getting some of the legal hoopla out of the way can be very freeing.)

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re: Q: Maternity Ward Tour Questions?

Here's some questions that will get your tour guide upset:What is the caesarian rate?What is the episiotomy rate?What are their maternal and infant mortality rates?Will I be able to labor at my own pace or willI be put on a time limit?Can I give birth here without fetal monitors and other unnecessary intervention?How many people are allowed in the delivery room?Can the expectant father or birth partner accompany the baby at all times while it's being bathed, etc.?Is the pregnant woman allowed to move around freely and bathe or shower during labor?Can the woman choose to give birth in the position most comfortable for her?

Mitzie |

re: Q: Maternity ward tour questions?

I've been reading on various sites that new moms should breastfeed relatively soon afterwards. I know my MIL/DIL will be dying to see the baby. Not comfortable with them being in there for delivery or while I'm learning to breastfeed. How soon after birth do we allow them to come into the room?

BabyMama! |

re: Q: Maternity ward tour questions?

I hope the tour guide doesn't get upset asking those questions Mitzie! If so you may want to look around for another hospital or birthing center. On my tour this week most of those questions answered with out the tour guide being prompted for them by us moms....but she answered all the questions we asked. The ladies on my tour put her through the ringer with questions too! Babymomma- This was one of my top worries too! I was told we can set a time for family to come back after we've gotten our selves cleaned up, baby checked out, and the first feeding done. Just write down your concerns in your birth plan and the nurses should be on board with you and your wishes!

youngmomma |

re: Q: Maternity ward tour questions?

Another question you girls may want to ask is, if you're at a teaching hospital, what procedures are done by the attending vs. the residents. I found out that I am going to have to specifically ask for an attending to do my son's circumcision because they have the residents do it all with an attending looking on. That goes for your epidurals too. I don't know about you, but I'd much rather have someone more experienced doing a delicate procedure like an epidural. I've seen too many anesthetic mistakes to think otherwise!

babybumpjoy |

re: Q: Maternity ward tour questions?

Though about that circumcision--you might want to consider that some of the attendings haven't done them themselves in years whereas the residents do 30-50 a month in some places! Ask about actual recent experience.

JodieD |

re: Q: Maternity ward tour questions?

Some more questions:Will I be allowed to eat and/or drink during labor?Can I plug in my CD player/ipod station into an outlet?Will the hospitalist/on-call doc go along with my birth plan if my midwife/doctor is not there?If your doctor/midwife will do a water birth make sure that the hospital allows it too.Can we delay all procedure/exams for baby until after some bonding time?Will the nurse be comfortable with a birth plan that may include things they aren't use to if my midwife/doctor has signed off on it? (Usually better to be somewhere that is already aligned with your beliefs but that isn't always possible).

clw85254 |

Q&A: Maternity ward tour questions?

I wasn't permitted to tour the maternity ward because of the H1N1 paranoia. It was a couple months ago, maybe they've eased up now.

titania9 |

Q&A: Maternity ward tour questions?

I also would not have been able to take a tour because of the H1N1 scare - I decided to wait it out and now the hospital has finally dropped the restriction. I'm really excited to go next Sunday!

Hammee |

Q&A: Maternity ward tour questions?

One of the questions i would also ask is if you can wear your own PJs or something that's comfortable that you bring from home afterwards. I think that would help me personally feel more back to normal after everything.

JABlair2012 |

Q&A: Maternity ward tour questions?

As for Mitzie's questions, aren't these all questions you should be asking your doctor/midwife anyway? If the practice you go to for appointments is affiliated with the hospital your are touring/delivering at, they should all have the same answers. These seem like way too many questions to ask on a tour when they could be answered at visits with your doctor. I'm only asking because I'm going for my tour tonight and I figured I already had most of these answered by my doc. I'm more interested in just seeing the rooms, knowing how to check in, etc. I think the medical intervention questions are best left for doctor's visits.

hmeiers |

Q&A: Maternity ward tour questions?

I was very disappointed with my recent tour of my hospital. I was the only person that asked questions, besides one or two other women who asked one question each. The nurse giving the tour was extremely lackadaisical and acted like she was skimming through a script. Worst of all, no one on the tour seemed to want to be there. No one talked to each other, and they all seemed like they'd rather be somewhere else. The guide seemed bothered by my questions and acted like everything I asked about was out of the norm. Example: "Can I go with the baby when he gets circumcised?" her answer "I've never had anyone ever ask that. You'd have to ask the doctor....I guess (trails off)" Another example "Can they perform Apgar scores immediately after with the baby on my chest?" Answer "We always take the baby over to the newborn area for those." Bottom line- I was very disappointed with her old-fashioned attitude and lack of information on the most current practices on keeping mother and baby together. She even mentioned they take the baby to the nursery to get weighed. Maybe I'm the odd one, but I find mother-infant bonding time immediately following birth to be crucial. I was upset that the tour didn't reflect what my OBs have told me (basically, that I can do what I want as long as the baby is ok.)

hmeiers |

Q&A: Maternity ward tour questions?

Dear hmeiers, We just visited our hospital it is a teaching hospital which has it's own issues I will have to look into but they have all the modern technology you could ever want or need! They are so Mother/Baby together period. .. that they told me when I have my C-section the baby will stay in the operating room with me the entire time. there is even a time at the end of the surgery when they ask the father to step out while they expell placenta etc. and the baby still stays with me and goes right to recovery with me never leaving my side. Also she said that they will weigh the baby in the nursery or if I ask they will bring a scale to my room and do everything in my room so that the baby never leaves my side. Unless I want the rest etc. I think you should ask for management and ask more questions! They want your business! They should accommodate! I would get something officially written down if you are nervous that they won't hold true to it! I pray you have a wonderful experience! God Bless,

KikkiB |