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Q&A: Maternity photographer?

How should I go about choosing a maternity photographer?

Re: How should I go about choosing a maternity photographer?

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Most pregnancy photo shoots happen six to eight weeks from your due date, so there's almost no room for error if you don't like the results or the photographer makes a mistake. Scheduling a re-shoot before baby's born can be tough or even impossible. Here are a few tips on choosing the perfect maternity photographer.

Find a specialist
Look for someone with extensive experience or -- even better -- someone who specializes in pregnancy photographer. Experienced shooters will be familiar with the most flattering angles for your pregnant body, and know how to focus on your belly while deemphasizing other (also expanding!) body parts like your hips, arms and legs.

Ask about editing
Make sure the photographer is thoroughly involved in the editing and photo selection process -- this is an important step towards the finished product and represents about half of your cost. The photographer should be able to expertly guide you to the best and most unique photos, and give suggestions for cropping and finishes. Check the photographer's website and portfolio for similar or redundant images (which indicates a lack of creative artistry) to evaluate his or her expertise.

Go for film
Ask whether the photographer uses film or digital. I recommend film, because dark room prints have superior quality to digital. Film prints are also archival, whereas digital prints will likely fade over time. Though film is more expensive than digital, the quality and longevity is worth it.

Check referrals
If you weren't personally referred by someone who already used the photographer and has a positive recommendation, ask for several referrals to contact. These might be posted on the website.

Consider it all
Think about both artistry and personality when selecting your photographer. Finding someone whose work you love and who you love to work with is the key to capturing a beautiful keepsake image.

Jennifer Loomis is a nationally recognized fine-art maternity photographer who has photographed nearly 2,000 pregnant women during her career. Get more info at

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re: Q: Maternity photographer?

I'd like to correct Jennifer on her comment about only choosing a maternity photographer who shoots with film. I myself am a wedding photographer, who is now pregnant, who shot with film for 12 years and digital for 8 years. Film/dark room prints are not "superior" to digital. Dark room prints are great in quality as is digital. If the photographer using digital is a true professional they will use archival inks and papers that will last just as long as a darkroom print.That being said, it truly comes down to personal preference. Before choosing a photographer, meet with them and take a look at their work. If you are comfortable with him/her and love their work you will be happy with the end result whether it be film or digital.

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I would like to give a recommendation for a maternity photographer... she did my wedding and I'm planning on having her due my maternity shoot too. Amanda is fantastic!

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Recommendation take 2

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Q&A: Maternity photographer?

I would also have to say that digital can be just as good as film! I am a pro photographer and often photograph moms-to-be. I would suggest to moms that they pick someone that they feel at ease with. And be thoughtful about what they wear or don't wear! The wardrobe can make a big difference. Go for a timeless classy look. Some ideas:

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Q&A: Maternity photographer?

you really dont even need a professional my ex mil who just loves playing with pictures did some really good ones of me and my oldest child so if you have a friend who enjoys taking pictures make it fun

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Q&A: Maternity photographer?

As a professional photographer myself, I agree that great results can be had with digital as well as film. I also agree that it's important to find a specialist, someone who's experienced with maternity photos will make your experience more rewarding - and comfortable - and the results will be incredible. If anyone has any questions or needs help finding an experienced maternity photographer in their area, contact me - I have an extensive network of fellow photographers around the country and I'd be happy to make a referral.

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Q&A: Maternity photographer?

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Q&A: Maternity photographer?

If you live in Louisville or surrounding areas, Kelly Beach Photography is fantastic and affordable. She does BEAUTIFUL work!!

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Q&A: Maternity photographer?

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