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Q&A: Low maintenance hair for new moms?

Since I know that once baby comes I won't have much time to deal with my hair, I want to get a style that's easy to maintain. What are some good haircut options?

Re: Since I know that once baby comes I won't have much time to deal with my hair, I want to get a style that's easy to maintain. What are some good haircut options?

The Bump Expert

Between the feedings and diaper changes and general insanity of new mommyhood, you really won't have much time to spend on your 'do. Make things easier on yourself now by going for a new, low-maintenance style. Here are a few suggestion to set yourself up for a stylish mommy look. No matter what cut you choose, though, remember that the real key to hot hair is focusing on a great shape. This means getting cuts regularly, using angles that flatter your features and finding a stylist that really knows her stuff.

Long Layers
Long hair is actually great for new moms, because it can easily be swept into a ponytail (and out of baby's reach). Layers keep a long 'so fresh and light, and make is easy to shift from "I'm just keeping this stuff out of my way" to a lively, put-together look. Also, thanks to hormonal changes, you might notice some extra hair loss in your first months as a mother. Layers can help add volume while your body sorts itself out.

The Bob
A clean, short crop is quick to dry and simple to style. For any ponytail addicts out there, this one may take some getting used to... but remember, bobs are fun to accessorize and generally easy to manage. Different angles work with differently shaped faces, so ask for a cut that accentuates your features. (Longer, angled bobs generally work better for rounder faces, while shorter bobs lift longer profiles.)

The Pixie
Even if you've always lived in fear of giving in to the short, conservative mom cut, don't fret -- you can definitely get a super-short, low maintenance style without looking like Great Aunt Bessie. Funky, short hair is super easy to style, and, best of all, looks great messy!

Erin Walters

Q&A: Low maintenance hair for new moms?

i've had a perm on and off the past few years, and, no, it doesn't look like Little Orphan Annie or an 80's reject--they're much better now! Mine last almost 5 months, are easy to maintain and freshen up, and even if your hair's in a ponytail, it still looks "done."

Shelleybeant |

Q&A: Low maintenance hair for new moms?

I never have time to do my hair and the prenatal vitamins did wonders for my hair so I refuse to cut it since it grew out so long. I usually just brush it and let it do its own thing.

Maithai |

Q&A: Low maintenance hair for new moms?

As a hairstylist I would recommend something that makes you feel like you! Remember even though you have a newborn, doesnt mean you cant look cute! If a bob is not your thing, dont go for it! I usually tell women that about a month after the baby is home come in and get a overhaul done, hair cut, washed, deep conditioned, styled, if you are a lady who colors her hair this is a good time for that as well! It is a nice little treat & you and your stylist can create something easy for you!

lauramichele |

Q&A: Low maintenance hair for new moms?

The whole "low-maintenance hair" only works if you have straight hair. You can't style hair with tight curls - you wind up looking like a weed-whacker attacked your head.

Mellingtonboots |

Q&A: Low maintenance hair for new moms?

What's next - ill-fitting light colored denim?

midwestlinds |

Q&A: Low maintenance hair for new moms?

Almost everyone I know, including myself, who had long hair at delivery ended up cutting it within months. It gets to be a hassle, especially once the baby starts grabbing and pulling. And imo whats the point of long hair if you keep it in a ponytail constantly. Just my thoughts...Also I noticed that after I had my first child(PG with 3rd now), a few weeks to months after delivery my hair seemed to fall out in gobs when I washed it! I felt like a shedding dog! lol To ppl with tight curly hair, I hear ya when it comes to short hair not hair is just wavy enough that it looks ridiculous b/c it flips out every which way! I can't imagine having to deal with hair any curlier than this!

VMichonski |

Q&A: Low maintenance hair for new moms?

Long sweeping side bangs ! Straighten the bangs and pull the rest in a messy bun! Works for curly/wavy/straight hair

Sophysok30 |

Q&A: Low maintenance hair for new moms?

I have long curly hair, and I knew from the time I discovered that a lot of new moms cut their hair shorter that I wouldn't do so. Yes, it gets pulled on, falls out a bit more than usual at first, and takes longer to dry, but I've always loved having my hair long, so there's no way I'm going to cut it now. Most of the time I leave it down, pulling it back into a ponytail or bun for my son's bath time or when I'm cleaning the house or cooking something messy, and I haven't once been tempted to cut it off.

AerinAlanna |

Q&A: Low maintenance hair for new moms?

I just got a a lined haircut, very much hard to get used to especially since i had hair in the middle of my back and the back is now in the middle of my neck lol. but i love how its angled and longer in the front. I have natural curly hair so it doesnt matter if i wear it curly or straight it now takes no time to get how i want it, 8 more weeks to go! :)

kaybers90 |

Q&A: Low maintenance hair for new moms?

Don't do anything radical unless you have thought about it for over a month and spoken with a trusted and long time stylist about what really works for your hair. Also, think about the maintenance of short or bob cut. If your hair grows out quickly, you may not have time to go get a haircut as regularly as needed to keep the cut looking the way you want it. An awkward growing out process will only make you feel worse in the long run. If you color, think about doing it yourself or working with your colorist to devise a timeline and color that is super easy to maintain. 3 hours in a salon for highlights and base color are not going to be an option right after you give birth. I have long layered color treated hair. Moving from the city, I now color my own hair and get my hair cut every 3-4 months. Most of the time my hair is in a ponytail or bun, but I've tried to limit damage to my hair that blow drying and straightening cause. I also only wash my hair every 3-4 days, which helps keep it healthy.

jdklein |