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Q&A: Is yoga safe during third trimester?

I love yoga, but is it safe now that I’m in my third trimester?

Re: I love yoga, but is it safe now that I’m in my third trimester?

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Yoga is a wonderful form of exercise throughout pregnancy. It's great for the body, and helps hone breathing and relaxation techniques that you’ll definitely appreciate during labor. There are plenty of poses you can perform in the third trimester, but you may need to modify them to avoid muscle strain and other distress. Once you have the green light from your doctor, look for a prenatal yoga class -- no power or hot yoga for now. In terms of safety, focus on standing poses and moves performed on the knees or side. Avoid the upward bow and camel poses, as well as any moves that include balancing unassisted on one leg, inverting your body, back bends, or lying on your belly or back. Om, mama.

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re: Q: Pregnant yoga?

I'm only about six weeks along and wondering what poses I should avoid at this point. Inversions? Balances?

SoonToBeMrs.Fisher |

Q&A: Is yoga safe during third trimester?

I am wondering about this as well. I take a yoga class offered at work, and I am not ready to tell them yet. But I have noticed that balancing has become more challenging, so it is probably best to back off if you feel unstable.

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Q&A: Is yoga safe during third trimester?

My yoga instructor emailed me this covers what you can/should be able to do throughout pregnancy. The caveat, of course, is that you should never push yourself beyond your comfort level (don't exhaust yourself and listen to your body), and certainly don't decide that now is when you're going to master kicking up into a handstand!

hdodds |

Q&A: Is yoga safe during third trimester?

There are several good videos with yoga and pilates designed especially for pregnant women. It's not the same as taking a class, but at least you know the moves are all safe and you can do it in the privacy of your home.

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Q&A: Is yoga safe during third trimester?

also, in the first trimester, avoid twisting poses. This could possibly detatch the placenta. So just to be safe they advise no twisting of the mid section, as your further along, avoid being on your belly, but if you practice yoga on a regular basis before you were preggers, you should be fine, just modify. if you do not practice yoga before becoming pregnant, wait until your 2nd trimester to start a prenatal practice. |

Q&A: Is yoga safe during third trimester?

yes, yoga is safe during the third trimester if it a prenatel yoga class. I am in one now and I am 33 weeks. There are positions that get a little tougher further along but they dont push you. Most teachers have had babies and know that certian positions just dont work for us in the third trimester anymore

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Q&A: Is yoga safe during third trimester?

It's also important to avoid any forceful breathing exercises or retention locks -any teacher safe to practice with will understand if you do alternate nostril or 3 part breath instead- these as well as the baby's breath or the whispery seashell sound you make in the back o your throat during practice will be helpful in yoga as well as during labor : )

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Q&A: Is yoga safe during third trimester?

I did yoga through my entire pregnancy with both of mine. It got a little bit funny toward the end, but thats probably when I needed it the most! I thought it helped a lot with back pain, flexibility, relaxation and labor. I found a class in my area specifically taught by a certified prenatal instructor which I think is important. You can also do these classes online, I know has them. I also started it again after my Dr cleared me for exercise after baby, it helped a lot with relaxation and getting back into shape.

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Q&A: Is yoga safe during third trimester?

I'm a yoga instructor in my 11th week and I rarely alter my practice. At 5 weeks, before I knew I was pregnant, I took an arm balancing workshop in which I performed every contraindicated pose in the book for pregnant ladies - oops! I have had to leave classes or workshops because of smells however - it can get so sweaty and stinky I start to feel nauseated. More and more I look forward to practicing with my prenatal yoga students: gentle and rhythmic core strengthing, hip mobility, standing poses at the wall, light stretching and LOTS of relaxation and empowering imagery. I've taught prenatal yoga for years and until now I had no idea how much of an impact it can have on your connection to a changing and (seemingly out of your control) body AND mind. I would highly recommend finding a prenatal community to share this experience with, it's supportive is SO many ways!

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