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How do I find a good pediatrician?

What are some tips for finding the right pediatrician for baby?


What are some tips for finding the right pediatrician for baby?

The Bump Expert

First and foremost: ask around. Good old-fashioned of word of mouth is probably the best way to find a great doc. No matter what med school a pediatrician graduated from, it really all boils down to their patients' reports. You can't go wrong by asking your friends and family for advice in this department -- you’ll be sure to get an honest answer and a valued rec from someone.

Also try calling up your insurance company to get a list of doctors in your area that accept your plan. Once you've got a list of possible candidates, start making some phone calls and setting up consultations (don’t worry, they’re usually free). A round of interviews will weed the bad ones from the good, and you should have yourself a good doc in no time. And don't stress to much about it! It's easy to get worked up about all the details and decision leading up to baby's arrival, but keep in mind that nothing is irreversible. If it turns out later that the pediatrician you picked isn't quite working out, you'll simply find a new one and move on. That's all!

Paula Kashtan

We were just talking about this - it was embarrassing realy since I spent many years working as a pedi nurse - I suddenly realized I had no clue how to pick my own pediatricians. I asked some friends who are pediatricians (sadly none of them live near me......) and their advice was to look at different practices and google the hell out of the docs. You can usually find out where they did residency, med school, and specialist interests. Use your provider list from your insurance as a guide. if you have a childrens hospital where you live look at their primary group - these are general pediatricians. Also when youdeliver your baby will be seen by a pediatrician (likely a resident if it is a teaching hospital) so talk to them too....

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