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Flu Shot When Pregnant?

I'm pregnant. Should I get a flu shot? Is it safe?

Re: I'm pregnant. Should I get a flu shot? Is it safe?

The Bump Expert

The government's Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) says you should def go in for the shot. Being pregnant, you are at high risk for flu complications (like pneumonia), so getting the immunization is especially important.

Need convincing? Here's what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention site has to say:

"A study of influenza vaccination examining over 2,000 pregnant women demonstrated no adverse fetal effects associated with influenza vaccine. Case reports and limited studies indicate that pregnancy can increase the risk for serious medical complications of influenza. One study found that out of every 10,000 women in their third trimester of pregnancy during an average flu season, 25 will be hospitalized for flu related complications.

Additionally, influenza-associated excess deaths among pregnant women have been documented during influenza pandemics. Because pregnant women are at increased risk for influenza-related complications and because a substantial safety margin has been incorporated into the health guidance values for organic mercury exposure, the benefits of influenza vaccine with reduced or standard thimerosal (the preservative that contains ethylmercury) content outweighs the theoretical risk, if any, of thimerosal."

To play it safe, ask your doc or check out that CDC site to find which shots are thimerosal-free.

The Bump Editors

I normally don't get the seasonal flu shot but I did this year. I definitely will not get the H1N1 flu shot. I work for a surgeon and his daughter was pregnant. She got the H1N1 shot while pregnant and about a week later she was having early contractions and got put on bed rest for the rest of her pregnancy. She just had her baby the other day and it was premature and very tiny! Now I can't really say if it was because of the H1N1 but you would feel pretty bad if you decided to get that shot and then you found later that your baby will have problems after birth. I wouldn't do it. Take care of yourself and try to stay away from large groups of ppl during your pregnancy.

melissas21 |

Your baby can't get the H1N1 shot. Better to vaccinate against the H1N1 then to leave your baby without any defenses. Risk a possible minor problem down the road, or leave your baby open to complications that can result in death. Simple answer, get the shot after talking with your doctor. Don't make up your mind while reading the internet. |

I would consider getting the flu shot since I'm preg. (I am normally against vaccinations) but I def. would NOT this year. They are combining the reg. flu and H1N1 vaccination into one. The H1N1 vaccine has had lots of complications for both preg. women and young children. The H1N1 flu is actually a milder flu than the norm. but the vaccine is TERRIBLE. They won't even do the research to see the effects of combing the vaccines until after this flu season is over. After doing lots of research (by the way the CDC is quiet bias since they have ties to the Pharm. companies) I will never get the H1N1 vaccination and would highly reccomend all P. women do a little research before risking your babies life. I read way too many stories about misscarriages and complications in preg. due to this vaccination.

radiantshari |

I just got on my 39th week and I was giving the Flu shot today; my Dr. gave me all the necessary information I need it befor I consent to have it; and on reference to the H1N1 shot I got it on my 4th month and I didn't have any problems or early contractions. "Just food for thought" Everybody should keep on mind that each woman does the pregnancy different, because she have contractions after having the shot does mean that it was the shot that cause it.

Anilcamiranda |

i got the flu & h1n1 combo shot about a week ago and i'm completely fine, and so is my little girl growing in me. I'm 31 weeks prego.

oburley |

i know they are mixing the h1n1 and reg flu shot this year but is there any way to get jus the reg flu shot w/o the h1n1 on it?

juinieboo0113 |

I received the combo flu shot 2 weeks ago and everything is fine. I am 32 weeks pregnant. My arm was a little sore for a few days, but that is normal.

StarBaby2010 |

also as an add-on to my previous post... In the bump answer to the question is says "One study found that out of every 10,000 women in their third trimester of pregnancy during an average flu season, 25 will be hospitalized for flu related complications." That is less than 1% of women will actually have complications if they catch the flu....0.25% is not a large enough percentage for me to put chemicals into my fluffy pregnant body... just saying lol

kxp004 |

I guess my first post never went up..stuipid computer... anyways... I won't be getting the flu shot. Here are my reasons why: The mercury has been replaced by thimerosal, a mercury derivitive, which is basically the same product, has the same preservative effect, and creates the same side effects. Different name, but just as dangerous. Even the CDC reported that thimerosal is dangerous for both unborn babies and pregnant women because of the babies’ developing brains.*** SO ASK FOR THE THIMEROL-FREE VACCINE if you choose to get it, because they should have some *** Over 3,000 women have reported miscarrying their babies directly after receiving the swine flu vaccine, which is included in this year’s flu shot. Other known side effects include brain damage or defects in babies, a higher rate of flu symptoms in women (says right on the box!), and of course all the other side effects common to all vaccines. And lastly: an eye-opening study just released which states that although vaccines reduce the incidence of flu symptoms by only 1%, vitamin D reduces the incidence of flu symptoms by 8%. That’s right, getting some sunshine in your day is more effective and less dangerous than taking the flu vaccine. Link:,%20Vit%20D,%202010.pdf

kxp004 |

try working for a health system that is MANDATING all employees receive the flu vaccine or will be terminated. this is our first child and i'm 28 wks pregnant I am choosing to not take the risk for not only me, but my baby boy. it is an act of congress to get through this process. I still have not had my exemption approved. if anything employees should havea right to say NO.. but my baby can't say no.. so I am standing up for him and his health. There are too many side effects that can happen and I dont feel comfortable allowing that door to be opened.

sjoli |

I was a little weary about getting a flu shot. I got one at 35 weeks and only experienced soreness at the injection site. Every 'body' is different and reacts differently. I have never recieved a flu shot, and only did because the vaccine can spread immunity to my child. Considering he's going to be born in the middle of flu season, I only did it to protect him. I am definitely apprehensive about shots and vaccines, but then again I am sick of the conspiracy theories. Don't believe everything you hear, even if it IS a scientific study.

ebennett1 |

i got the flu shot and i am just fine and so is my baby boy (i am 38 weeks now). i would rather protect myself and my baby from getting sick than to risk catching it when i am out and about shopping with people coughing and sneezing everywhere. plus i have a 3 yr old daughter to also think about too and i don't want her getting sick either so she also had hers also.

snowwhite428 |

hello everyone. i am 38wks pregnant as of today and i received the flu shot for the very first time in my life yesterday at my prenatel appt and since then i have been sneezing literally every 5-10mins and i have been needing to blow my nose every 5mins. Is that normal? it is really annoying and i feel crappy on top of being in my third trimester. my midwife pretty much pressured me into getting the shot and i did it only because i feel its the best thing to do for me my baby my other children and my husband.i will definantly NEVER get it again.I hope these symptoms go away very soon.i dont like how i feel.i feel as if i have a cold.No one likes to feel that way.Don't get the shot if u don't want to. Thats my opinion. I honestly am starting to wish i hadn't.Good luck Moms!

mrsnickens |

I would NEVER get ANY kind of a vaccine while pregnant. You try to avoid other drugs, like Tylenol and cold medicine and yet you will get a vaccine with KNOWN chemicals and toxins in it? It makes no sense! Flu shots (or any other vaccines) were NEVER tested on pregnant women and it even says RIGHT THERE IN THE VACCINE INSERT that it is a Category C drug and they do not know the effects of in on the baby or if it will impair the ability to reproduce later in life. This is a know FACT. They DO NOT know the long term effects on the baby. So, those of you who say that I got the shot while pregnant and are currently still pregnant, how do you know your baby is FINE? You won't know until the baby is born and starts to hit his milestones. Perhaps that is why so many children show developmental issues and learning disabilities, from mommies getting vaccines during pregnancy and then when they are born, their tiny immune system is bombarded with even more vaccines. PLEASE do your research before agreeing to get the flu shot or giving any vaccines to your little ones.

larik81 |

When you say you got the "Flu Shot", do you know which brand you got? Do you know what "class" drug it is? Were you offered the product insert--if so, did you read it and file it with your pregnancy records. Do you know the long term effects of the vaccine (guess what, the manufacturers probably don't either). A lot of women seem to have intuition-based concerns about receiving injections during pregnancy, and you have a right to all the information each time something is done to your body (assuming you want to know). I guarantee you no healthcare practitioner cares more about your health & your baby's health than you do yourself. Healthcare practitioners are following a protocol--they are not thinking. There are many makers of flu shots, many ingredients and from what I've found, most are Class C drugs. So women should make this decision for themselves and not do it simply because the dr need to put a checkmark in the patient's file. (btw, in general, when you remove smokers, people who live in a smoking household, & the elderly from the flu data, very few otherwise healthy people have serious complications from influenza)

eram1 |

Do some real research for both sides of the argument. I have reserached all types of vaccinations and shots that my baby and I are supposed to get over the next few years. Let me just say after hundreds of hours of research, I will not be receiving any shots, nor will my child. Your doctor will tell you otherwise, but remember that your doctor gets paid big bonuses from the pharmacutical companies that produce these vaccinesand flu shots. Matter of fact, if you research statistics on the flu shot, you will find that not only does it not protect you from the flu, but can have horrible side effects on the human body. Over half of the people who die from the flu every year have had a flu shot. But mainly those people are elderly and/or have a weak immune systems. There are lots of doctors out there who will tell you the same thing, but they are hard to find because of the damage fighting the pharmacutical companies can cause to a doctors reputation. Dr. Mercola is a good place to start. Don't risk your health or the health of your baby!! GET INFORMED!

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watson012 |

I got the flu vaccine only because my OB repeatedly told me I should (I had decided previously to Never get it). Well I had a terrible reaction and nearly ended up in the ER. DON'T get this shot while pregnant! If ever. It's just not worth it!

skyyak |

Flu Shot When Pregnant?

Can those folks who have indicating that getting the vaccine provides immunity to your child once born please point me in the direction of that research. I have been looking, but so far have not been able to find any research to support that claim. Thanks a bunch!

Brook73 |

Flu Shot When Pregnant?

Both my husband and daughter got the flu this year. I'm currently 20 weeks pregnant and did NOT get the flu shot and did NOT get the flu. I attribute this in part to the zinc in the prenatal pill and the vitamin c in the orange juice I drink for breakfast. I washed my hand like crazy too. When my ob found out that both my daughter and hubby had the flu they wanted me to start tamiflu but I chose not to due to the fact that the effects on the unborn are not known. I agree with the moms that said to do research first before getting vaccinated. Also, I don't understand how some moms say their doctor made them get a flu shot. You are an adult and have the right to say no..I did. To the one mom who wont have her child vaccinated, does your child go to daycare? Most daycare facilities or home wont allow children in who aren't vaccinated. Even though I don't care for vaccines, I love my daycare. |

Flu Shot When Pregnant?

I would like an article that says the flu shot is dangerous that has been peer evaluated by the scientific community. If you are looking on the internet and read who-knows-what then you shouldn't believe the internet. I got the flu vaccine when I was about 12 weeks pregnant and nothing happened. Actually before I was vaccinated I was sneezing and only wish I did it sooner. Don't believe the pseudo science out there. If you got sick after the vaccine the reason is the vaccine is only 60% effective and the flu virus EVOLVES and becomes resistance to vaccines. So you can still get the flu even though got the vaccine. And by the way nobody has provided any proof that a miscarriage was the result of the flu vaccine. I am a Medical Anthropologist and my husband is a Bio medical Engineer. We are not stupid people.

ancientcurse11 |

Flu Shot When Pregnant?

I am 35 weeks pregnant and have not yet gotten the flu shot - is it too late? Should I still get the shot if I am due within the next 5 weeks?

megledu |

Flu Shot When Pregnant?

I never had the flu shot nor had the flu. I have never been a big fan of vaccines (certain ones are, of course, important to have). I'm 24 weeks and since I'm not sure how my body would react to the vaccine, I am choosing not to vaccinate and my Doctor hasn't brought the subject up.

Lee1085 |

Flu Shot When Pregnant?

I normally don't step into these types of topics but with this one, I must. My huband's cousin was 18 weeks pregnant when admitted to the hospital with difficulty breathing. Two days later she was placed on a vent and flown from Arkansas to Saint Louis to get treatment. She was advised by her doctor to wait until the second trimester to get her flu shot, and trusting the doctor, they waited. She was planning on going to the doctor the day after she was placed on the vent. Two weeks later, baby Jera died when Leslie spontaneoulsy miscarried and three weeks after that Leslie lost her life as well. Every single doctor, specialist, nurse, and expert they encountered said that if she had gotten her flu shot, Leslie would still be here today. For God's sake, your health and your child, please heed the advice of the CDC and the Department of Health and Human Services and get your flu shot. While all of this was happening, I myself was 24 weeks pregnant and had my flu shot around 9 weeks at the insistance of my doctor. Not listening to the experts or heeding the misfortune of others is silly. Get your damn flu shot.

jswedding22 |

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