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Q&A: Fetal development in third trimester?

What basic changes does my baby go through in the third trimester?

Re: What basic changes does my baby go through in the third trimester?

The Bump Expert

In the third trimester (weeks 29 through delivery), most major development has already happened. This is the time for baby to hang around gaining weight -- about half a pound each week, at least until week 37. She's still kicking and stretching, though her movement might slow down as she gets more cramped in the tight space of your belly. The coating of fine hair on her body (called lanugo) sheds away and the bones get nice and hard (except the skull, which stays soft and flexible for the big squeeze through your birth canal).

Erin Walters

re: Q: Fetus in third trimester?

i'm 27 weeks pregnant but ive notice a drop in my babys movement lately... since i still have two weeks before my third trimester should i be concerned or is this normal even for late in the second trimester?

melissa1321 |

Q&A: Fetal development in third trimester?

I too am 27 weeks and have noticed a drop in my baby's movement lately. I've been looking online to see if this is common. I have a Dr. appt. tomorrow, so I will discuss my concerns with the Dr. then. This is my first pregnancy so I'm not sure if I'm just being paranoid. Has anyone else experienced this??

Wineauxs |

Q&A: Fetal development in third trimester?

It's always worth going to the Doctor if you're concerned about your baby, it's better to be safe. It might be that the baby is in a different position, or that you are just missing when your baby is active. Babies also go through sleep and awake cycles. I notice that if I'm walking all day or very busy I simply miss feeling the baby. To help feel the baby, try lying on your left side with your hips elevated with a pillow, if that doesn't help put music to your belly. Hope this helps

iloboh |

Q&A: Fetal development in third trimester?

I noticed the same thing around week 27, but i think in hind sight, it was probably more to do with how active I was, and also that I have grown used to the feeling of the little movements inside me. Around week 29, where I am now, I've started feeling her movements again, as they are much stronger, and in different places now (i.e. RIBS!). Now that I'm slowing down (more tired), I am still long enough to feel when she's active. Start doing kick counts at night, after dinner. My doc said if it takes more than 2 hours for her to kick/move 10 times, then I should be worried.

emnian |

Q&A: Fetal development in third trimester?

Do a kick count which the doctor will probably start soon. My kick count sheet says to start in the morning when you wake up. Write down th etime you start counting and count until you have felt 10 kicks or movements, then write down the end time. If you don't feel 10 kicks within 10 hours, you should call the doctor. I have noticed a decreaes in movement also, but when I counted kicks I usually felt 10 in an hour or two. It might ease your mind.

Jennifer_101 |