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Q&A: Exercises for easy labor?

Are there exercises I can do that will help prepare me for labor?

Re: Are there exercises I can do that will help prepare me for labor?

The Bump Expert

Yes, just like you can train your body for a marathon, you can train your body for giving birth. The most important conditioning you can do is in your pelvic floor and your hips. Strengthening these areas will help you push the baby out quicker and lead to a speedier recovery.

To strengthen your pelvic floor, try doing kegals every day. Imagine you're drawing your pelvic floor up like an elevator and hold at the top for about 10 seconds, then slowly control the decent as you release the pelvic floor muscles. You can also try quick flicks kegals, which are short, intermittent contractions -- quickly contract and release the pelvic floor muscles 10 times. The pelvic floor muscles, like every other muscle in your body, have slow and fast twitch fibers, so it’s important to strengthen them with different kegal contractions. Slow twitch fibers are endurance muscle fibers, and fast twitch muscle fibers are quick to fatigue.

For greater flexibility, do hip openers in your second trimester: Sit in a butterfly position with the soles of your feet together and your knees open wide in a diamond. Use your elbows to open the hips further and hold for at least 30 to 60 seconds every day.

Tracey Mallett

re: Q: Exercises for labor?

I got a great disk called Yoga for your pregnancy and do it every day. It not only help prepare you for labor, but teaches breathing methods and excersizes that will help during labor - plus a guided meditation. I've been sleeping much better since I started actually using it.

juliea420 |

re: Q: Exercises for labor?

I've been getting crazy lower back pains and I'm only 17 weeks and barely showing still. I didn't have these or headaches with my first baby. Any suggestions on what might help?

HottMama26 |

Q&A: Exercises for easy labor?

Lower back pain is the worst. The best thing to is stretch on a regular basis. Stretch to your toes. Do left to right stretches. One of the best is to lay on the ground flat. Raise one leg bent and rotate it over your other leg, Do both sides, it helps. Also use a pillow between your legs when you sleep. Last but not least use ice when needed, it really helps. I just throw a bag of frozen veggies on, much softer. FEEL BETTER!!!!

sohara630 |

Q&A: Exercises for easy labor?

Are there any other exercises or is this butterfly thing pretty much it?

paislee30 |

Q&A: Exercises for easy labor?

I've had many people tell me that orgasms really help as well. My husband could not have been happier when he heard that one!

shibbybabe22 |

Q&A: Exercises for easy labor?

Belly dancing dvds geared toward pregnant women are awesome. It opens you up like you wouldn't believe! I highly recommend it, and you can use the moves you learn when you are actually in labor to work through contractions and get your baby to descend quickly.

danamdill |

Q&A: Exercises for easy labor?

In my pregnancy pilates DVD it says "Knees up" is a good exercise.... Get on all fours and tuck your toes under as if you're going to push off. Breathe in, and as you exhale lift your knees off the ground and hold for 2 seconds. Then slowly return to all fours. The DVD only has us do 4 repetitions, and claims it's great for labor!

jaymiegerard |

Q&A: Exercises for easy labor?

My trainer has told me to hold on to the back of a chair and pliet like a ballerina. I am not pregnant yet but I am practicing my stretches to prepare :) Good luck!

flores-burke |

Q&A: Exercises for easy labor?

You really do need to exercise during your pregnancy. By increasing your leg and glute strength you can maintain better birthing positions you ar fit so you can cope with a long labour if you have to without any or fewer interventions. Glute medius exercises will help strengthen your hips reducing back and hip pain. If your baby is in the right position for birth anterior and head down you can perform deep squat exercises

mummy trainer |

Q&A: Exercises for easy labor?

I think that my wife used the Retin A cream besides exercises. You do need exercises, but you can always try alternative methods and products to make it easy on yourself, right?

Bulbazar |

Q&A: Exercises for easy labor?

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watson012 |

Q&A: Exercises for easy labor?

Sitting on an exercise ball and moving around on it can help. Go all sorts of directions: back-n-forth, side-to-side, figure 8, circles, etc. There are a ton of exercises, but I gotta look them up in my book (after I find the book...been stored away for almost 2 years).

cchik004 |

Q&A: Exercises for easy labor?

Zumba! I teach 3 classes/week and I feel fantastic at 25 weeks. I know it will help with endurance during labor.

kimquigley |

Q&A: Exercises for easy labor?

Hottmama26 it's not exactly a work out but it worked for me. get on your hands and knees and rock your hips back and forth it will release the pressure and move the baby. I'm 27 weeks and I still do it or I'll fill a bath but not enough to go over my stomach just enough to calm my back nerves down. Hope this works :)

GiannaMarie33 |