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Q&A: Discharge during pregnancy?

I'm having so much discharge all of a sudden. Is this normal?

Re: I'm having so much discharge all of a sudden. Is this normal?

The Bump Expert

You've probably seen this normal, odorless or mild smelling, whitish discharge before... there's just more of it now that you're pregnant. This discharge, called leukorrhea, is made up of secretions from the cervix and vagina, and becomes heavier during pregnancy thanks to an increase in estrogen production and greater blood flow to the vagina.

You'll notice another increase in discharge as you approach delivery. As your cervix thins and dilates it will expel the mucus plug, leaving behind a thicker discharge. If you see an increase in discharge or change in consistency before week 37 or a pink or brownish tint at any point during pregnancy, call your doctor immediately -- this could be a sign of preterm labor. Also inform your doctor if your discharge is accompanied by itching or burning, because this might be a sign of infection.

The best way to deal with discharge is by keeping the area dry and clean. Wear cotton underwear and steer clear of tight clothing, scented pads, douches, or any other feminine hygiene sprays or products. There's really no way to reduce discharge... but you wouldn’t want to, anyway. It's your body’s natural way of expelling bacteria that could harm both you and baby.

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Paula Kashtan

re: Q: Heavy discharge?

Ugh. Gross but true. Invest in pantyliners.

sara_smile |

re: Q: Heavy discharge?


HollywoodDoll |


I am entering my 2nd trimester and I am a huge diet pepsi fan. Is it okay to drink it or any kind of pop during pregnancy and if so what is the "okay" limit for daily consumption as I can usually go through a 12 pack of cans in a week or less.

easygoing1_13 |

Q&A: Discharge during pregnancy?

For the Diet Pepsi question, I heard that artifical sweeteners are known to cause SIDS. Maybe look it up...

Miss_Mary |

Q&A: Discharge during pregnancy?

It's better to drink a regular pepsi than a diet because of aspertame (spelling?) But best for you would be a regular caffiene free pepsi

bernathd |

Q&A: Discharge during pregnancy?

I go through multiple panyliners a day. I keep one in my purse. I can't stand feeling not dry and fresh down there. Plus I pee nearly every time I cough, sneeze, or laugh really hard so I need back up for that too. Sorry for TMI!

titania9 |

Q&A: Discharge during pregnancy?

I never really got discharge until 32 weeks. There is so much of it now. I called my doctor and they said as long as the baby is still moving, it doesn't smell, and there is no blood it is normal.

DuckyBear |

Q&A: Discharge during pregnancy?

WoW! I was starting to think "why me?" Pantyliners are must in my book during this pregnancy, which is my first. Although discharge is normal, it is a good idea to be mindful of any changes in your discharge. I was lucky enough to have a combined bacterial/yeast infection about a month ago (sarcasm). If infection is see the doctor because a prolonged infection without cure can lead to preterm labor.

royo |

Q&A: Discharge during pregnancy?

definitely invest in pantiliners...they are a lifesaver because i hates the wet feeling that would soak through my pants...probably tmi sorry...but they are definitely something that you would want...

RisikaBraeke |

Q&A: Discharge during pregnancy?

TMI Coming Up: I've had a lot of discharge and it's caused a lot of discomfort down there. My doctor said there was no infection just irritation from excess moisture, he recommended using diaper rash cream. It works wonders!!

hockeybride113 |

Q&A: Discharge during pregnancy?

My mid-wife prescribed me medication for B.V. Since she didn't think it was yeast. Well, Come to find out, it was nothing at all. She didn't even give me a PAP. Apparently this is just regular discharge. I didn't know it could be so much. The Urine test even came back clear. Unfortunately, My hubby calls it the Ew OR Bleh and it makes me feel disgusting but I know its part of NORMAL pregnancy. Guess I need to invest in some toys (if I could reach). Sorry for the TMI...

carindines |

Q&A: Discharge during pregnancy?

RE: Pop. I gave up all caffeine as it contributes to miscarriage. And, as someone stated, artificial sweeteners are not good for the baby. I'd stay clear. Discharge: I know, it's gross. But, if it keeps the baby safe from harmful bacteria, bring it!

BrideofNathan |

Q&A: Discharge during pregnancy?

Just as an FYI; pantiliners are nice but if you can stand to go without them I would recommend not using them. Pantiliners don't breathe which in my case often leads to yeast infections. I just suffer through the wet feeling and change my panties when I get home from work and/or before bed. However, if they do not cause you any infection or irritation then by all means use them. If I was having problems with urinary incontinence I would however use a pad when I'm not home.

visceralmuse |

Q&A: Discharge during pregnancy?

I'm glad for all the info...even supposed tmi as this is my first and it's good to know what to expect...I'm only 8 wks. just reading as much as I can! :)

AndisMiracle7 |

Q&A: Discharge during pregnancy?

I have def noticed an increase in discharge and it's definately uncomofrtable to sit in all day so I have now begun to leave a little bit of dry toilet paper folded up down there for between pee breaks and change it each time. So I've been feeling dry and comfortable since :)

slednecksonya |

Q&A: Discharge during pregnancy?

I'm nine and a half weeks pregnant and I started noticing about 8 weeks I've lost all (and I mean ALL) natural lubrication. I can be so turned on for my husband, but my body just doesn't react...When will this stop and/or is there anything I can do to help it along?

babyhardwicke42 |

Q&A: Discharge during pregnancy?

RE: Pantyliners -- I highly recommend LunaPads, the reusable cloth liners. They're a lot more comfortable and breathable than the plastic disposables and cheaper long term.

sageviolet |

Q&A: Discharge during pregnancy?

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watson012 |

Q&A: Discharge during pregnancy?

Im 32 weeks and Ive had lots of dischrage, my dr. said it was B.V and gave me antiboitics, I finshed them but I still had the same discharge and very uncomfrotable, I stopped using the pantiliners as I was using changing them 4-5 times a day, and once I stopped the itching stopped and the discharge got lighter and less uncomfortable, I still don't like the wet feeling but I change my underwear as often as possible and keep it cotten. Definitely helps a lot. oh the joys of baby :)

gmfifield |

Q&A: Discharge during pregnancy?

I've had it almost from the beginning, but it's gotten to be so much worse now. My doctor even had to check to see if my embryonic sac had broke, but everything is still fine. I wouldn't even of known this happens if I hadn't read that book, "Belly Laughs." Jenny McCartney wrote it and it's hilarious and true. She talks about everything...including what they don't tell you. |

Q&A: Discharge during pregnancy?

I had to change from pantyliners to the same towels I was using when I had the last few days of my period from last week... pantyliners were not enough!!!!!

Kagome75 |

Q&A: Discharge during pregnancy?

I'm 10 weeks pregnant and I'm having discharge but its a brownish color and I freaked out and called my doctor and she said it was old blood working its way out. Also that the uterus is stretching.

haleyhughlett |

Q&A: Discharge during pregnancy?

You can also use unsented baby wipes to help stay clean.

danawest |


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cgreenw |

Q&A: Discharge during pregnancy?

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