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Q&A: I have diabetes. What should I know before getting pregnant?

I have diabetes. What should I know before getting pregnant?

Re: I have diabetes. What should I know before getting pregnant?

The Bump Expert

Just as it should be before and after having a baby, your number-one priority during pregnancy if you're diabetic should be regulating your blood glucose levels. You've probably already gotten this talk from your doctor about how eating nutritious foods, exercising regularly, and consistently monitoring your blood-glucose levels will help keep you healthy, but once you’re pregnant, you'll really need to be on top of it. So here's the rundown on some things to keep in mind:

Before you become pregnant, a preconception checkup is a must. Here, your doc can diagnose and treat any illnesses related to your diabetes. She may also give you meal and exercise plans, as well as info on upping your folic acid intake (which will help prevent neural tube defects).

Once you become pregnant, you'll likely need to increase your insulin dose. Your doc will also need to keep a closer eye on you and may run some extra tests on top of the ones normally performed during routine prenatal visits. Be aware that your baby also has an increased risk for the following conditions:

- Miscarriage and stillbirth

- Hydramnios (can lead to preterm labor and delivery)

- Preeclampsia (can lead to seizures and kidney/liver problems in mother; may require early delivery)

- Respiratory distress syndrome (can make it harder for baby to breathe after birth)

- Skeletal, heart, and brain birth defects (linked to high blood-glucose levels when baby is developing)

- Macrosomia (high glucose levels throughout pregnancy can make baby grow too large, which may make vaginal delivery difficult)

Now that we’ve covered the scary bits -- don't stress -- you can absolutely have a healthy baby as long as your doctor creates a prenatal care plan that works for you -- and you stick to it!

Colleen Canney

Q&A: I have diabetes. What should I know before getting pregnant?

I am a type 1 juvenile Diabetic ((for 18 years now)) and now I'm 36 weeks and 5 days pregnant and i can tell you having the insulin pump works WONDERS! i always denied getting one until just a month ago when giving myself 8 shots a day to attempt to stay leveled was no longer fun. not saying it ever was but always make sure your eating a good regular scheduled diet ((breakfast lunch dinner and snacks in between)) and try to stay active! do everything in your power to keep your self healthy because in the long 9 months it is completely worth it to say, i did it! :)

Krystine89 |

Q&A: I have diabetes. What should I know before getting pregnant?

I have had type 1 diabetes for 21 years, and always, always had difficulty managing my blood sugar, and it was a challenge keeping my blood sugar within range with my first pregnancy because for the first five months I gave myself shots and managed my eating habits with a nutritionist, which was extremely insightful, I learned I had gastroparethis, which means my body takes longer to digest certain foods which in turn spike my blood sugar much later, and now I just avoid them all together. I got on the pump and a 24 hour glucose monitor, and by the end my A1C was 5.5! I worked on my feet until I was 8 months, which kept me active and moving. I have a perfectly healthy 2 year old son, which we delivered at 38 weeks with a planned C section, he was almost nine pounds! and now I am 15 weeks pregnant again with our second child, and so far all the skills I learned the first time have kept me confident and on track. My advice is don't be afraid to check your blood sugar often, before and after meals, you may have to take a little insulin before you eat and a little after., and also stick closely to a routine diet and eat at the same time everyday. Managing diabetes with pregnancy is a full time job seriously, but the pump is a miracle! and it is all worth it

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