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Can I Get My Breech Baby to Turn?

Baby is breech! Anything I can do to get him to turn?


Baby is breech! Anything I can do to get him to turn?

The Bump Expert

Unfortunately, there's no surefire way to make baby shift. If there were, we would rarely see breech babies. Still, there are a couple of things you can try. (These aren't necessarily proven effective, but they aren't total hogwash either -- both methods have seemed to turn a number of fetuses in scientific studies.)

Knee-chest position

Get on your hands and knees (in a crawling position) on the bed, and lay your head, shoulders, and chest flat on the mattress. If your belly is pressed against your thighs, scoot your knees back until it's hanging free. Hold for 15 minutes, and repeat every two hours while awake.


Acupuncturists experienced in turning breech babies may be able to urge baby to flip by burning an herb -- moxa, aka mugwort -- near your little toe. (Nope, we're not kidding.)

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Can I Get My Breech Baby to Turn?

Yogis swear by Cat-Cow poses. Lots of them. 2-3 times a day. Also, if you can find a chiropractor that has training with the Webster technique, it's definitely worth a try to avoid surgery (if it's not in your birth plan)! ALSO I've read that babies do not like menthol, so some swear you can slather mentholatum ointment on the top of your bump and baby will turn away from it.

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Can I Get My Breech Baby to Turn?

Good Luck To you and Your baby. I went to a dula who had 100 % turning rate for breech Babies with the moxa technique, even though she had only done it about 4-5 times. i also went to the hospital 3-4 times for an aversion with my son with one of the doctors that my midwife works with. Needless to say, in my case, my son was very stubborn and neither worked. My son is now 3 and he still has a mind of his own and is still very stubborn. Good luck to you and i hope you have much better luck than i did.

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Can I Get My Breech Baby to Turn?

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Can I Get My Breech Baby to Turn? -- my midwife group and doula all swear by these methods/techniques and I have a co-worker who also recommended the site

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