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Q&A: Bleeding in late pregnancy?

If I notice bleeding as I approach my due date, does it mean I'm going into labor?

Re: If I notice bleeding as I approach my due date, does it mean I'm going into labor?

The Bump Expert

Maybe, though it could also be a sign of common condition such as cervical growths or inflammation. Heavy bleeding likely indicates a problem with the placenta like pacental abruption or placenta previa. Definitely call your doctor right away -- though the bleeding may be caused by something minor, it also could be a sign of serious problem that requires immediate attention.

Bleeding also commonly occurs around the beginning of labor. The mucous plug, which forms during pregnancy to cover the uterine opening, will pass along with the "bloody show," a mixture of mucous and blood. If you notice other signs of labor such as pressure in your pelvis and lower abdomen, dull lower backache, stomach cramps or uterine tightening, you may be getting ready to deliver!

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Q&A: Bleeding in late pregnancy?

i lost my mucous plug and had my bloody show 2 weeks ago and still no baby yet!! come on now! :)

kathrynelainebowen |

Q&A: Bleeding in late pregnancy?

I also lost my plug well over a week ago, no baby here either... Im SO ready!

lvngdedpacogrl |

Q&A: Bleeding in late pregnancy?

I also lost my mucous plug 5 days ago and I saw the doctor after having some spotting. The doctor said the spotting was from cervical changes and that I was dilated by another centimeter. I am not 2.5 cm dilated and still haven't felt contractions. I'm 38 weeks as of yesterday.

Kass0511 |

Q&A: Bleeding in late pregnancy?

This really is a case of everyone is different. I've never passed my mucous plug at home with any of my kids. I'm on child number three... dilated at a 3 now, and still no bloody show.

jeb99a |

Q&A: Bleeding in late pregnancy?

I haven't had any bleeding but pelvic pain and lower back pain I want this to be over with. I'm 38 weeks and I'm ready to meet my daughter

larileahrachel |

Q&A: Bleeding in late pregnancy?

I was examined yesterday at about noon. I woke up around 2 am, and had a brownish bloody discharge. I know its normal to have some kind of bleeding after exams, but 12 hours later??? Trying to decide if this is result of exam, or my "bloody show". Been having contractions...some real, some braxton hicks....for well over a week, with no progression.

AMcLaws |

Q&A: Bleeding in late pregnancy?

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willimrichard |

Q&A: Bleeding in late pregnancy?

hmmmmm, how do all of you know how many cm dilated you are? my doctor has not recited any numbers to me! I am 38 weeks...on Thursday I enter the 39th. I did have a little blood and mucous a few weeks ago..I rushed to emergency, the docs checked me out and thought I had a Bladder infection, yeast infection and Kidney stones...all the results came back negative 2 days later...doctors are quacks sometimes. Anyways...this mucous plug...this is released as a mucous discharge?? yeah...ladies that have experience, please share your info with me. I read and ask the doctors questions but all the answers never seem to point to a conclusive answer.

belaxisbuil |

Q&A: Bleeding in late pregnancy?

Iam in my week 34, i had bleeding and pain, went to hospital they give me morphine to stop the bleeding, I am worried, i don't not have a premature baby - please advice.

Shaheen30 |

Q&A: Bleeding in late pregnancy?

i have not lost the mucous plug yet and i am at week 37. if you have bleeding and pains call your ob and ask specifically. and as for the other comment about being dialated....make sure you communicate with your ob....not everyone dialates before labor but you should know where you stand. you should have heard something at week 36 when a culture was done.

rebelmayer |

Q&A: Bleeding in late pregnancy?

belaxisbuil, you can ask your doctor to check and see how dilated/effaced you are. My midwife checks me every visit, but I think that's just because she knows I want her to. As far as the mucous plug's really gross. It can either pass all at once or over time (sometimes as long as a few days!) If you've been having really heavy mucous discharge as of late, it could be part of your mucous plug. I lost mine over the course of a couple of hours. The first time I went to the bathroom, I noticed a large amount of mucous along with some blood (also known as bloody show). The third time I went to the bathroom, there was another large amount of mucous along with a little round mucous "blob," which I am assuming was the main part of my plug. It's different for every pregnancy though, so don't freak out if you don't lose your plug! Some women don't lose theirs at home, and it can actually regenerate itself if it comes out too early (though if you're as far along as 38 weeks, I doubt it will regenerate).

dear hillary |

Q&A: Bleeding in late pregnancy?

lol, I've been losing my mucus plug for 2 months, just lil chunks& spotting for the past week, 37 weeks& so ready for him to just get here, any advice on safe home induction techniques , i know walking, having sex..any others?

marshall1989 |

Q&A: Bleeding in late pregnancy?

I lost my plug at 37 weeks but nothing has happened, no labor. After the dr. checked me three days ago he said I was 2cm dilated, since then I've been having mucus with brownish pinkish discharge and after calling the dr told me it's normal after a pelvic exam and usually lasts about a day... I was bummed cuz i just want our little boy to come out already! But I haven't felt any contractions, the only thing i feel is baby getting lower and lower and pressing on my nerves giving me the occasional electric shocks down there and pains on butt or legs... Dr. says maybe I already had contractions but Im not feeling them, sooo... we just have to wait... the only problem is labor may sneak up on us. Poor DH jumps at every phone call...

criscup |

Q&A: Bleeding in late pregnancy?

I am 38 weeks today and have not lost my mucous plug or had any bleeding. I was told by my midwife all women are different and these things may not happen at home at all. I am 1 and 1/2 cm dilated and 50% ephaced I am so ready to meet my little guy this last two weeks are going to go by so slowly..... Thoughts are with all of you out there! The best advice I have been given is if you have any questions, fear, or sudden changes do not hesitate to call or visit your OB! You can never be too careful!

Lizbohnenkamp |