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What Do I Need for Baby's First Bath?

I'm a wreck about baby's first bath! What do I need?

I'm a wreck about baby's first bath! What do I need?

The Bump Expert

Bath time isn’t so tough. Once baby's umbilical stump comes off, you can move from sponge baths to “real” baths -- in the baby bathtub, in the kitchen sink (make sure it’s clean!), or in your arms in the big bathtub (have help getting in and out, and use a non-slip mat). Here's the routine and what you'll need.

Washing station

Make sure your setup is steady, and position baby’s head away from the faucet.


Fill the tub with about 3 inches of water that's a little bit hotter than lukewarm. Check with your wrist first.

Warm room

Keep the temperature raised so it’s not a shock to baby’s system when she comes out of the bath (75 to 80°F).


Use one color for bath time, another for diaper changes.

Plastic cup

For rinsing. Or squeeze a wet washcloth over baby’s head to get rid of soap.

Baby soap

A mild, tear-free cleanser for both baby’s body and hair is ideal.


Remedies that your doctor suggests should be in arms' reach.

How to

Start by soaking baby. Always keep a hand on him (infants are slippery when wet). Start from the top and work your way down. Wash his face first, cleaning one small area at a time. As you move down, thoroughly wash inside all those folds (under the arms, in the neck, the genital area, etc.). Save baby’s dirtiest parts (aka the diaper area) for last. Then, move back up and wash baby’s hair. Since infants lose most of their heat through their heads, this should be your very last move. If the water is still warm, you can engage in a little playtime, but don't splash for too long -- as the water chills, baby will start to get cold.

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the baby bump Excerpted from The Baby Bump: 100s of Secrets to Surviving Those Nine Long Months

Q&A: Bath supplies for a newborn?

I definitely recommend the baby bath that fits into the kitchen sink, as that is a back saver. When purchasing the Baby Soap and Baby Shampoo, please do a little research and avoid the products that are full of chemicals! If you go to, search for the "No More Toxic Tub" scientific results to learn about baby and toddler products that are FULL of harmful chemicals. Should you want to check out a healthy baby product including "Bottoms Up Balm", Baby Massage Oil, Baby Wash and other safe products, please check out:

LemongrassJill |

Q&A: Bath supplies for a newborn?

Check out this link it is a really cool snap together thingy to put in your sink. We just bought one and I can't wait to try it out with our new little guy/girl!

terri.klein |

Q&A: Bath supplies for a newborn?

In our birthing class there was a pediatrician there for Q&A...they said while there is nothing wrong with buying all the baby bath products, to save a little money Dove unscented or sensitive skin soap bar works just as good as anything.

nsugirl1127 |

Q&A: Bath supplies for a newborn?

I prefer to use Dr. Bronners unscented baby soap. It doesn't have any chemicals in it and I can use it for his hair and body. It is really mild and doesn't cause the skin irritation that many of the others did. It is also fairly inexpensive and you can get it in either liquid or bar form. I use it for myself too since I have sensitive skin.

flong1 |

Q&A: Bath supplies for a newborn?

I have two newborns, so if there's an easy way.. I'll find it. Unbelievably, my babies were to big for the sink I have, so I tried the baby tub in the bath. First of all my back wanted to detach and hide from me. So I found it much much MUCH easier to just slip on a bathing suit ( Honestly I go in nude. whatever) Set the bath, hop in with your baby and you know the rest. So ample room for you and your baby, your back still loves you (maybe even more) and hey you get a (kind of) bath too. Boy what a treat!

arktia |

Q&A: Bath supplies for a newborn?

I too use Dr. Bronners! And a little goes a looooong way. So if used correctly, it'll last ya at least through the first year.

arktia |