Third Trimester

Tick tock -- you’re finally in your 3rd trimester, which means baby is almost here! Our comprehensive guide to the third trimester will help you get through all the physical parts (okay, pains) of the last few months of pregnancy, prep you for labor and delivery, and guide you through everything that’s left to do in order to get your home and your life ready for a new little boy or girl (decorating the nursery, deciding on a name, getting all your baby gear in order, prepping for maternity leave…all that fun stuff). We’ll help you find the childbirth classes that are right for you, put together a birth plan, get the most out of your maternity ward tour and pack a hospital bag with everything you need. We’ll also fill you in on the signs of pregnancy, so you can recognize when labor is starting. Our guide also has info on the tests you’ll go through during the third trimester, and let you know everything to expect once you’re actually in the delivery room. Scroll down to visit our community message boards, where you can chat with fellow Bumpies who are also in their third trimester to get support, feedback, and companionship.

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3rd Trimester

Finding a childbirth class, preparing for your maternity leave, and decorating the nursery are a few of your third trimester to-do's. Let us help guide you through your third trimester with our expert advice on everything from staying comfortable as your belly grows and to knowing when you're in labor.


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