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What is couvade syndrome?

Do dads-to-be really get pregnancy symptoms too?


Do dads-to-be really get pregnancy symptoms too?

The Bump Expert

More of a dramatic device from TV or the movies than something you come across in real life, couvade syndrome is also known as sympathetic pregnancy. Basically, it’s when your guy decides that as long as you’re suffering through morning sickness, the dry heaves, heartburn, back pain and other common pregnancy-related symptoms, he will too. (He just better not dare ask for help from you.) It’s not really recognized as a purely medical condition, and there’s debate whether it’s a physical or mental one at all. Soon-to-be-dads’ symptoms tend to vary widely and can include nausea, abdominal pain, bloating, leg cramps, anxiety, depression and appetite changes.
Even if it’s not a real medical concern (we know, you’re the one who’s going through all the changes here!), if your guy does suddenly come down with a case of couvade, cut him some slack. He’s probably just super-excited that you’re about to be parents and wants to do all he can to get involved, down to carrying that baby with you. Sign up for some pregnancy classes together and let him learn as much as he can about both delivery and infant care. Then make sure he’s 100 percent better by the time the baby arrives, since you’ll need him to be healthy and hands-on from day one.

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Christian Hoffman, MD, medical director and chair of the department of obstetrics/gynecology at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Hamilton in Hamilton, New Jersey

What is couvade syndrome?

Honestly, a dad shouldn't get these symptoms, he should only get good coupons for baby formula, if he wants to have headaches and a bit of nausea. I need my man to be strong for me during this experience, and although men are like little children, I would still like to preoccupy myself with the little one in my tummy and for him to grow up.

CheyanneEdith |

What is couvade syndrome?

Yes. I am on my 4th pregnancy and my husband has gotten all of the morning sickness, food cravings and seems to be as tired as me (before running after our kids already!) this time around he has the smelly gas in the first trimester! lmao!!

MammaGoneyay |

What is couvade syndrome?

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