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Q&A: Will fainting hurt baby?

I faint when I have blood drawn and my blood pressure dips too low. I'm wondering if this is harmful to my baby? I'm concerned now that I'm pregnant, since in the past I've only had to deal with it during yearly physicals.

Re: I faint when I have blood drawn and my blood pressure dips too low. I'm wondering if this is harmful to my baby? I'm concerned now that I'm pregnant, since in the past I've only had to deal with it during yearly physicals.

The Bump Expert

It sounds like you have vasovagal syncope. This is a relatively common reaction to having your blood drawn. One study found that it occurs in 2 - 5 percent of patients who donate blood. If you do have vasovagal syncope, you should have your blood drawn when lying down. It won't necessarily prevent you from fainting, but it will help keep you from injuring yourself if you do pass out. Hydrating with up to a half-liter of water prior to your blood draw may also help prevent these episodes. In general, though, vasovagal syncope is not harmful to the baby since the episodes last only for a short time and are self-limited.

Dr. Ashley Roman

re: Q: Will my fainting hurt baby?

I also pass out...but for me it's whenever I get any kind of needle. I can't seem to control it. I was worried about the effect on the baby also. I have my first OB visit tomorrow and I know she's going to draw blood. I am worried about the passing out every time I have to have some sort of test or blood draw.

SaturnGrl13 |

Q&A: Will fainting hurt baby?

I too have had to deal wtih this my entire life. I have found that if you tense your muscles before, during and after the draw for short periods, it helps to keep your blood presure up and not pass out. I used this technique durning my first blood draw and was sucessfull.

stacymills99 |

Q&A: Will fainting hurt baby?

I have this too but mine isn't limited to having blood drawn or needles, I had a cut on my finger...just a slice nothing that needed medical attention and I passed out, then when I got my ears pierced so I could have 2 holes in each ear, I passed out. I was at the eye doctor 2 different times, about 2 years apart, and as soon as she put in the dilating drops, I passed out both times. I got only 3 vials of blood drawn when I was 4wks and passed out, I hate it and it's scary and it makes me nervous about any tests I will get because I tend to get really stressed about doctor visits, is there anything I can do to calm myself down?

cassiej2005 |

Q&A: Will fainting hurt baby?

I have fainted with all three of my pregnancies. You would think I'd learned to respond more quickly to the warning signs, but each time I was telling myself, I'm feeling faint, I better eat, drink, get out of this store, etc.-- and yet I didn't do the most important thing...sit down! If you are getting light-headed and having visual blackouts/whiteouts, sit down immediately, even if it's embarrassing. Believe me, having people wonder why you are sitting on the ground in a store is better than having people panic because you fell over and are laying on the floor. The last time I did this I really hurt my tailbone falling and if my friend hadn't been quick enough to catch my head, it would could have really hurt me. So don't be dumb like me, keep your blood sugar level, don't stand in long lines in stuffy stores, and don't stand there "feeling faint" until it's too late---sit down!

titania9 |

Q&A: Will fainting hurt baby?

At the doctors office, right before they have to draw blood, within a few minutes, I eat a snack. I was snacking on some nuts the first time and ate a huge lunch before I went for second round blood tests around the 20th week and I didnt pass out once! She even had a hard time finding the vein the second time, which is a for-sure way to get me to pass out with all the poking and proding. But I've found eating with a few minutes of the blood being drawn really helps a lot.

clarkemmaj |

Q&A: Will fainting hurt baby?

I also have this problem- with blood draws, shots, eye dilation, and even pap smears. I go for my first blood tests tomorrow, so knowing that if I faint my baby is safe is a HUGE relief to me!! Some strategies that have helped me have been getting my blood sugar way up before the appointment (drinking OJ or eating candy) lying upside down on a sloped table (with your head at the bottom of the slope), covering up with a blanket, using an ipod with relaxing music, having my husband hold up the arm they're drawing from, so it isn't just hanging off of the table, and using an internal monologue, such as thinking of how proud I'm going to be of myself when I get through it, or that I'm doing this for my baby. I have also had very good luck with going into the testing center and requesting the fastest, gentlest person they have to draw the blood. Some people can do it so quickly and softly you don't feel enough to provoke a reaction. Doesn't completely prevent the problem, but it really helps!

laura.noel |