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Spa Safety During Pregnancy?

My mother-in-law wants to treat me to a spa day. Are any treatments off-limits during pregnancy?

Re: My mother-in-law wants to treat me to a spa day. Are any treatments off-limits during pregnancy?

The Bump Expert

Sounds like a treat... and one that you deserve! As long as you're up front with spa staff about your pregnancy, you should be fine. In fact, many spas actually offer packages for pregnant women that include specialized massages and intense foot rubs. Check out local options on lila guide, and call ahead to check on special deals.

Avoid heat treatments like saunas, hot tubs, tanning beds and body wraps, because increased body temperature can harm baby. You might want to steer clear of facials, since your skin is already so sensitive. If you just have to have one, make sure only natural products are used. Other than that... enjoy!

The Bump Editors

i would also check with the spa ahead of time. i went to have a massage done last week and they needed a release from my doctor stating what week i was in and that i was not high risk. better to know that ahead of time than be caught off guard like me! :-( the spa was not able to get anything from my dr right away, so i had to pass up something i was majorly looking forward to! it made sense though - better to be safe than sorry and because there are some treatments/trigger points that are off limits.

lindsleek |

Prenatal massages are amazing! As a massage therapist, (i'm also about 17 and a half weeks) its always a good idea when you book the appointment to specify that you are pregnant. Not only so we can inform you of the consent that we'll need from your doctor, but most spas set up the table differently depending on how far along you are and it can be time consuming and a lot easier to do before the appointment rather than once the client gets there.

hopedbell87 |

I hear everything hot, like hot tabs, sauna is not good, not so sure about massages but still think its better to consult your Obstetrician and Gynaecologist

Janissara |

You should always tell them you're pregant. Especially for the cool perks it sometimes brings.I'm 8 months prenant and just booked my day at the spa the day after my last day of work!!! I happened to mention that I was pregnant and they threw in a free bath! They said they do that for all of their pregnant clients.

coopazaro@gmail.com |

As an estheticain and Im 23wks preggers, facials are just fine as long as they do not include chemical peeling, and or anything with a very hott waxx on the face. Just tell them you want a relaxing hydrating facial no extractions, or peeling just a basic facial . In the first trimester you do want to avoid any sort of essential oils like lavender, peppermint, orange any thing 100 % natural bc they can affect the development of the fetus in the begining mainly the brain and such.

shanacarver001 |

Yeah, you should let the spa know you're pregnant when you're scheduling your appointment but I read that if they require a release or some kind of dr consent, then you should run the other way. It means their people might not be trained to do pregnancy massage.

MuyLani |

The idea that 'because an office requires a consent form means they are not trained in prenatal massage' is ludicrous. I'm a massage therapist and I don't know of a single reputable day spa that would allow a person to even go near a pregnant woman without prior knowledge of how to do a prenatal massage. You absolutely should call ahead and let them know though. Not ALL therapists in a spa are necessarily trained in prenatal, so you want to make sure you're booking with the correct therapist. It is also a good idea to know if there is information/consent forms they may require you to bring. Other than that, RELAX! You won't get much time to once the baby comes!

Erbear1984 |

i'm almost 33 weeks & had a massage yesterday (i've had a few only when needed since 2nd trimester)...when i booked appt, i asked for prenatal massage and the receptionist made sure to tell me who were the therapists that did prenatal massages & their times available. later, the therapist told me to take a warm epsom salt bath in addition to drinking tons of water...felt amazing!

caroline 2 |

As a massage therapist I strongly recommend getting massages; I'm 33 weeks pregnant and I work 4 shifts a week is very busy spa. I couldn't reach this point without them. Make sure you past your first trimester, and that you let them know exactly how far you are and how exactly you are feeling; a simple headache could be a symptom of something else and by getting down in a massage table for an hour could trigger

Margarita0214 |

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rubinsteinsamuels |

I was at the Grand Clifornia resort at Disneyland and had a prenatal massage. They made sure the terapist was trained and was very friendly. She asked if I had ever had one before and explained what could and could not be done due to safety concerns for me and baby. It was so relaxing and I really enjoyed it. They made sure I was comfortable, had a snak of fruit before my massage and drank plenty of water afterward. I even got a $25 gift card to use on a return visit.

Suz4592 |

Well, this is a tricky question whether or not going to a spa during pregnancy is a good idea. The only good answer is: "it depends" how far along are you? how is the pregnancy going so far? what kind of treatments are you looking for? My cousin who works at San Antonio hotels as a masseuse told me that pregnant women have special spa programs that focus on relaxing the mother while being careful not to hurt the baby in any way. So it's best to do your homework before going to the spa during pregnancy.

wwest13 |

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watson012 |

My doctor told me not to have any deep foot massages as it could trigger contractions. It's best to talk to your doctor before doing anything though.

Pudinnhead |

Spa Safety During Pregnancy?

I went to a spa yesterday at 5 weeks 5 days pregnant and they refused to do a massage on me because I was in my first trimester. They said they can only do facials until I reach my second trimester. :(

missystar1980 |

Spa Safety During Pregnancy?

I am a physician and have been receiving prenatal massages throughout most of my pregnancy. I even had a light massage in my first trimester. (I know, shame on me, right?!?) But I'm an evidence-based medicine kind of gal so I also have the occasional half glass of wine and take warm (<100 F) baths quite frequently. My theory is this: stress is bad for babies and physical discomfort is stressful for mommies so why not go with the flow? I highly recommend going to trained professionals in prenatal massage (i.e Edamame Spa in the Destination Maternity stores). Get a facial. Get a massage. Get over it. You're pregnant. Not in prison!

winepolish |

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