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Q&A: Finding comfortable maternity clothes?

What style of maternity clothes will be most flattering and comfortable as my belly grows?

Re: What style of maternity clothes will be most flattering and comfortable as my belly grows?

The Bump Expert

We put this question to our Bumpies... Here's what you had to say:

“The style that I find to be the best for me right now (13.5 weeks) is the ‘underbelly’ or ‘no belly’ styles found here. I've seen similar styles at gap.com and oldnavy.com.” - JnJ04

“The advice I've had from friends is that the full belly panel ends up being the best, so that's what I've gone with. I don't plan on having seperate second and third trimester clothes. The Gap roll panel is nice, because right now I can fold it over and that seems to work well.” - TheDudleys

“I really like the roll-panel for earlier on, but I need the support of a full-panel in later pregnancy -- the others feel like they dig into my stomach.” - MichelleWP

“I have a lot of half panel styles, but the half panel jeans constantly fall down. I tried on full panel in the store and loved them!” - Pamela82

“I have some hidden tab jeans from The Gap which I love because they looked like real jeans. I can loosen them as I get bigger and I think they'll be good after the baby is born.” - vande2006

“Hands down, I love demi panels! I'm used to low rise pants, so I can't stand full panel, but the elastic in the demi panel is much more rigid, so it doesn't stretch out and the pants don't fall down! I have demi panel pants that I love from Target and Old Navy. I love to shop clearance racks!” - Mrs.Meyer

“I have worn a pair of the ‘no belly’ maternity pants, the one with the elastic in the back and a flat front, quite frequently. I have found most of my items at Old Navy and Mimi.” - SPBGBRIDE

“I LOVE the demi panel pants, especially from The Gap. They are terrific for those who are used to a lower rise. The Gap offers pants in longs and that is a must for me -- buying a regular inseam off the rack is simply not an option for me, pregnant or not. Also, the Gap has both causal and dressier styles... I need nice dress pants for work and purchased their modern flairs with the demi panel and received compliments on them even though no one knew I was pregnant or that they were maternity pants!” - boulder,cobride

“The full belly panel works best for me. I have never liked low-rise pants or underwear and hate the feeling that my pants are falling down! It's hard to find but it's my favorite.” - sistrkate

“I have one pair of dress pants that have the expandable elastic waist (they're from JCPenney), and I like them a lot; however, I have a couple of full-panel skirts that I like even better. As I expand my maternity wardrobe (I have several tops but hardly any bottoms right now), I'll definitely be more interested in full-panel styles. My biggest change was bra style. I was a C before getting pg, and I hated padded bras because I didn't want to make them any bigger than they already were. Now I'm a D, and I'll only wear heavily padded bras because they hide my perma-nips.” - batsteph

“My favourite maternity pants are the Motherhood capris -- they have elastic in the back and are so flattering and comfortable, they should sell them as regular pants. I prefer wearing maternity clothes as I actually look pregnant (but small) as opposed to just fat.” - taurusbride

Paula Kashtan

re: Q: Comfortable Maternity Clothes?

Japanese Weekend--anything in their Luxe Jersey line, especially. They are a bit pricey, but worth every cent! Definitely the most comfortable maternity clothes I've come across.

kep |

re: Q: Comfortable Maternity Clothes?

I hate the Gap normally, but their maternity clothes are fantastic! I love the demi panel khakis - very very comfy and surprisingly flattering. I don't like pants with the adjustable waist though - the elastic digs in and is very uncomfortable.I also have some comfortable pants with a normal front and comfy stretchy back - found them on babystyle.com and bellydancematernity.That jersey or lycra stretch panel on pants is soooo comfortable.

Mrs.RMR |

re: Q: Comfortable Maternity Clothes?

Gap is definitely my favorite place for pants. The panels are very comfortable and light and the shape and style of the pants are still flattering. I love the Liz Lange line at Target for maternity tops. Their online selection is much better than in store, with better deals too. I've found great capris and shorts at Old Navy online. They also fit like my pre-pregnancy pants but with comfortable panels. Now if I could find a maternity swimsuit that didn't scream "maternity" I'd be happy. Even the ones at Pea in a Pod are pretty awful.

staryeyes |

re: Q: Comfortable Maternity Clothes?

My favorite maternity jeans have been Citizens of Humanity Maternity. It feels comfortable, and it still looks like jeans I used to wear pre-pregnancy! They flatter your new body shape just like they did before. Worth every penny!

jmedy10 |

re: Q: Comfortable Maternity Clothes?

can anyone recommend where to buy maternity clothes for petite women?

Judarell |

re: Q: Comfortable Maternity Clothes?

I'm 5 feet, pre-pregnancy size 0, and finding petite has been hard. Best luck for pants at GAP, but needed to order online. Motherhood has had a couple of cute things too, but very few places I've found stock anything for thin, short women. My sister bought me a belly-band, so we'll see how that works with my regular clothes...

kbd421 |

re: Q: Comfortable Maternity Clothes?

I LOOVE the new Secret Fit jeans from Motherhood...they're a little supportive, but not restrictive like the mid-panel. And since my son HATES anything putting the slightest pressure on my tummy (or he thinks it's a punching bag...no way to tell), even the seat belt, they're much more comfortable when he starts pushing outward-which he does constantly, making my stomach look more like I have a massive tumor than a baby belly...but that's a separate issue :-)

BrennaZ |

re: Q: Comfortable Maternity Clothes?

Love the shirts that I bought from Thyme Maternity. So comfortable and will be able to wear a few of them after baby gets here. Next time I do this I am going to avoid half panel jeans because they roll down in the later weeks of pregnancy and anything that has a button that will press into my belly. It's incredibly uncomfortable to sit down in at 41 weeks :(

susanelainegray |

re: Q: Comfortable maternity clothes?

I'm just getting into my maternity clothes, but my hands-down favorites so far are the roll-top yoga pants from the Gap. They're a heavyweight jersey, so I can wear them into the office, and they are soooooooo comfortable! I just ordered 2 more pairs so I can use one for workout, one for work, and one to lounge in at home. I'm also loving the crossover nursing tops from Gap - the crossover parts are really supportive of my growing and heavy bust, and it creates an empire waist that's really flattering.

formossissima |

re: Q: Comfortable maternity clothes?

Everyone should go RIGHT NOW and buy the Bella Band, it's the best. I'm at 9 weeks now, and I already had to get one (for bloat, etc.) and I'm confident that I'll be wearing this well into my pregnancy. Wear with old pants unbuttoned, maternity pants that are too big...heck, it's supposedly even great for after pregnancy, when maternity clothes are too big but your old clothes still don't fit. I'm definitely buying another one...best $20 I've spent so far!

NewlywedNVA |

re: Q: Comfortable maternity clothes?

I've found the secret belly panel pants from motherhood are really comfortable! Some of my regular pants still fit but these pants are so comfortable and you can roll the panel down. My mother-in-law got me one of those bands to wear with your regular clothes but I haven't tried it yet. I think if you are going to have to spend money on maternity clothes why not go ahead and buy the clothes early and get more use out of them. The pants with the secret belly panel fit great and the panel expands and stretches as your stomach does. I got my first pair of pants at 12 weeks when some of my regular pants started to get a little tight and they fit perfect then.

ash138 |

Q&A: Finding comfortable maternity clothes?

I found some really nice stuff at lilomaternity.com when I was pregnant. They don't have pants, but their tops are great. They have some really cute skirts also.

JSamartin |

Q&A: Finding comfortable maternity clothes?

At mid pregnancy, I am not ready to invest in maternity pants. I am a plus size lady (size 22 not pregnant) and live in a rural area so finding maternity clothes is hard. I found that men's PJ pants are great for work. The Joe Boxer style often have dressy styles that I can wear to work and still look professional. I am still in the dumpy stage of pregnancy.

vanverth |

Q&A: Finding comfortable maternity clothes?

i'm really into the tunic-and-leggings combo, and the under-the-belly leggings from Motherhood are SO comfortable! the lycra blend breathes easily and there's no ridiculous scrunchie elastic, so no circulation issues between my walking breaks at work :o)

ninaRZ |

Q&A: Finding comfortable maternity clothes?

I've been surviving via Bella Band (25 weeks) for my work clothes - thankfully I tend to wear my clothes with a little give to start with, but I need to go shopping pronto. I've also had success at Motherhood for cardigans paired with button downs from the Gap. Thanks for all the great websites to visit!

TBurkettG |

Q&A: Finding comfortable maternity clothes?

I like motherhood's secret belly fit jeans and I get stylish tops at ross's, but don't wear baggy clothes unless you're just lounging around the house. At home I wear my hubbies muscle shirts. Lately I have started to wear tights and pre pregnancy tunics that are loose and flowy. I have a couple of adorable prepregnancy tops and dresses that I wore last summer when tights that I have pulled out the closet. My thing is finding really cute maternity tops and my secret fit jeans. I don't wear maternity dresses I'm self conscious. When you go shopping take a trusted girlfriend with you not your hubby unless he has fashion sense. Also I will not be caught dead in overalls while pregnant or shorts unless it gets too hot before July.

aprilyvonnesmith |

Q&A: Finding comfortable maternity clothes?

I'm in love with Motherhood Maternity's "secret fit belly" jeans/pants. I thought I would hate the full belly pants, but when I tried them on...OMG. I tried the jeans with the elastic under your belly and the ones with the elastic in the pockets and didn't like nearly enough as the big old elastic that goes up to your boobs lol! SO comfy they are like wearing jammies and they create such a nice smooth line (no zippers or buttons) that your belly bump looks adorable under your shirts. Plus the petite sizes are perfect length for my little 5' 2" frame. No more hemming my pants and jeans!

AustinKPiglet |

Q&A: Finding comfortable maternity clothes?

We carry a huge selection of comfortable and affordable maternity clothing, if you'd like to check us out :) http://stores.ebay.com/The-Stylish-Boutique/MATERNITY-/_i.html?_fsub=1789353013&_sid=544253133&_trksid=p4634.c0.m322

jessnluke |

Q&A: Finding comfortable maternity clothes?

If you hate the belly panels/pouches and can't stand the feeling of the fabric over your entire belly, check out the reconstruction I did on a pair of regular khakis: http://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=388487.0;topicseen

lil_abi |

Q&A: Finding comfortable maternity clothes?

At 14 weeks with my pants getting tighter by the day, I finally bit the bullet and picked up a few maternity pieces. I like what I saw at Motherhood Maternity, but ran into one problem. I have to wear business attire (as in full suit) to work every day. Any suggestions where I can get suit pieces without spending a fortune?

mle5d |

Q&A: Finding comfortable maternity clothes?

I don't like to go shopping. I do most of my shopping on-line and this can be really difficult since my dress numbers are changing from month to month. Luckily one of my friends recommended me Trendytummymaternity.com and I found their all the things I needed.

karin1984 |

Q&A: Finding comfortable maternity clothes?

Talking about how to find comfortable maternity clothes, it makes me recall those months in the past when I was in search of baby stuff for our new baby room in the apartment. Oh, those canopies from CanopiesAndTarps.com, those beautiful white pieces of furniture, that unmeasurable joy of knowing he would be here soon. One small piece of advice: try to borrow maternity clothes from relatives who were pregnant before. There is no use in investing so much money in some clothes that you would only be wearing for two, three months in your entire life.

conquerer |

Q&A: Finding comfortable maternity clothes?

As belly grows our sizes will also change,so never buy many clothes together during pregnancy. I never get my sizes,so i tried online shopping. I got to know about morph maternity wears,and gave it a try. I'm actually impressed with their collection.And they are comfortable and affordable.They have some pretty looking dresses too..

heather344 |

Q&A: Finding comfortable maternity clothes?

16. I was so fed up of wearing dull and drab clothes during my pregnancy and hence went searching for good maternity clothing. I came across Morphmaternity.com. It offers a large variety of maternity and nursing tops and other clothes. After trying out a couple of them, I am completely convinced that Morphmaternity is the place to go for maternity clothing.

archana1 |

Q&A: Finding comfortable maternity clothes?

I found that when I was earlier in my pregnancy I really liked to the under belly styles, but the more I've grown the more I hate the under belly's. They cut into my belly, roll down (on the thick elastic waist bands) when I sit down, and put pressure on my bladder. I much prefer the secret fit style (goes over the whole belly). It stays in place and is very comfortable. The best pants so far that I have gotten are fleece-lined leggings from Ross...I don't wear them in public but around the house in cold Colorado, they are amazing!

justmiranda |

Q&A: Finding comfortable maternity clothes?

Love the dresses that I bought from www.ommyliciousmaternity.com. So comfortable and will be able to wear a few of them after baby gets here.

KellyW91 |

Q&A: Finding comfortable maternity clothes?

I searched on http://www.trendrepublic.com/bogosse.aspx for some cute women clothing ideas and I found a couple of products that I liked, my friend also recommended Bogosse because their clothes are very comfortable. I would suggest also buying demi panel pants, they are very comfortable and I am certain you will like them.

amyabel68 |