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Q&A: Creating an eco-friendly nursery?

I've always been very environmentally conscious, and I'm wondering how I can incorporate that into my nursery. Also, are there any materials I should look out for? I don't want to expose my baby to anything that's potentially dangerous.

Re: I've always been very environmentally conscious, and I'm wondering how I can incorporate that into my nursery. Also, are there any materials I should look out for? I don't want to expose my baby to anything that's potentially dangerous.

The Bump Expert

Yes, there are definitely ways to help both baby and the planet. Here are some ideas to get you started.

[  ] Instead of traditional wood flooring, go for bamboo or lyptus -- both are highly renewable resources. And, look for furnishing with a water-based aluminum oxide with no volatile organic compounds (VOC) emissions.

[  ] Look over the ingredient label before you select a paint. If you see things like turpentine, formaldehyde, any animal products or VOCs, put back the can. Paints with all-natural ingredients like mineral pigments, plant oils, crushed limestone and milk are a better bet.

[  ] Avoid furniture made of plywood, particle boards and medium density fiberboard -- the glue in these often contain formaldehyde. The pieces will wear down faster, and then release chemical fumes.

[  ] Spring for a quality air purifier to deal with any pollutants. A freestanding humidifier with a HEPA filter is your best bet.

[  ] Find window treatments made of fabric. (Extra points for organic cotton!) Mini blinds, made of PVC, have been shown to give off gas when heated by the sun.

[  ] Reuse! Ask friends for their old baby gear, shop at secondhand stores, and check out recycling/sharing websites. (Our favorite is Zwaggle, where you can find used stuff and give away your own used gear -- no money required!) Just make sure any used gear is still in safe condition, and hasn't been recalled by the CPSC.

Do you have any earth-friendly nursery ideas? Share your suggestions!

Paula Kashtan

Q&A: Creating an eco-friendly nursery?

Naturepedic Organic Cotton mattresses are great for baby and the environment. They have been shown to reduce occurrence of SIDS and don't carry toxins. Get ready to pay double the normal cost of a crib mattress BUT these will last long enough to be used as a toddler mattress as well. The 252 model has dual-firmness for infant/toddler. Target and BabiesRus carry them online.

futurepdxmom |

Q&A: Creating an eco-friendly nursery?

Cloth diapers? Seems like it would have already been included in the original list of ways to be eco friendly! Even adding in manufacturing costs, laundering, etc cloth has been shown over and over to use less and pollute less. Never mind that there are no chemicals (unless you're not careful with your laundry detergents) touching your baby's wee body...

spughy |

Q&A: Creating an eco-friendly nursery?

check out this website. everything eco-friendly that you will ever need for a nursery! they are great. http://www.franklingoose.com/

samanthakate |

Q&A: Creating an eco-friendly nursery?

Check out a low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) paint. Glidden makes one or CIL depending on where you live. There are many paint supply stores that provide this paint. Regular paint emits fumes, and as it oxidizes can make the air less pure. Also, the low VOC paint cannot be tinted a deep colour. Deep coloured paint requires a lot of tint, which is very toxic. So choose the low VOC paint in a light airy colour, and breathe easy! (I worked in a paint store for over 2 years ... so I promise this info is real)

EllaandLuca |

Q&A: Creating an eco-friendly nursery?

I was pleased to come across mythic paints (www.mythicpaint.com) - they even have a kid's room collection.

serarose |

Q&A: Creating an eco-friendly nursery?

Many low to no VOC paints are available now and can be found at big stores such as Home Depot and Benjamin Moore. Ask for products that contain formaldehyde free MDF if you are looking at items made with particle board. I also recommend looking critically at items that are environmentally friendly and/or organic to see if they actually deserve that title. For example, there are some experts who claim disposable diapers are more environmentally friendly than cloth--and just as many experts who claim the opposite. Essentially, this means it's not clear despite what packaging may claim. (Of course, the new g-diapers, which are flushable/compostable, may eliminate that argument altogether.)

jeremyandrita |

Q&A: Creating an eco-friendly nursery?

I read this blog religiously and they recently did a post on eco-friendly baby gear: http://www.myregistry.com/Baby-Bump-Blog/post/2010/01/25/Product-Spotlight-Eco-Friendly-Baby-Gear.aspx

lulu8683 |

Q&A: Creating an eco-friendly nursery?

regarding the post about Naturpedic organic mattresses, they use what they list as : Waterproof Surface - Food Grade Polyethylene , this (to my understanding) is the same material that they make food wrapping, disposable Tupperware, and soda/water bottles out of...which is still not good enough for me or my baby. Other than that concern their mattress passed all of my other tests, and the price is great compared to others I've found. We have sworn off plastic in our home. So we went with an organic mattress from daxstores.com. The price and quality were unsurpassed by all the other sites I checked. The customer service was awesome as well. Of course, since there is no plastic "waterproof" barrier, you would need to get a puddle pad, which is recommended anyway. Then of course go with organic bedding. You will find that the sheets and blankets aren't too bad, but the bumper is what will set you back a pretty penny. I even weighed out the option of sewing it myself, but it would essentially cost the same, may as well get a set. By way of diapers, the debate goes on between disposable and cloth. We opted for hybrids. there are G diapers which are awesome. You get the cloth outer shell, but you use a compostable/flushable insert. They get tons of great reviews and if you go to their website you can learn tons. If you choose to go with a disposable, seventh generation uses the least amount of water/energy creating their chlorine free diapers, but they are not compostable, so yeah...still not great for the environment, but better than pampers. We are sucking it up and doing organic everything. Little man is worth it.

redbadger1979@yahoo.com |

Q&A: Creating an eco-friendly nursery?

http://www.ohdeedoh.com/ohdeedoh/inspiration/makeover-dutailier-glider-079267 This is a cute way to reuse an older glider. It's way cuter than even buying a new one!!

robin.christeson |

Q&A: Creating an eco-friendly nursery?

Also getting things second-hand like clothes, toys and some gear (just make sure it hasn't been recalled.) Why create more junk in the world when there's lots of great stuff already out there? If you want to get some new toys I found many on Amazon that are mostly made of wood with non-toxic or plant-based dyes so if babies put them in their mouths, its much safer. Some of the brands were: Green Toys, Plan Toys, Green Sprouts (these are actually made from recycled milk jugs) and Wonderworld. Another website is : www.NmcToys.com for toys not made in China and hence hopefully no lead paint!

lisa512 |

Q&A: Creating an eco-friendly nursery?

If you are going for carpet, use wool and not the synthetic stuff. Those are often produced with formaldehyde and other nasty chemicals

curriekana |

Q&A: Creating an eco-friendly nursery?

IKEA has been rated in Consumer Reports for low VOC cribs, and the best part - they are less than $150 - and SAFE! No, they aren't Ethan Allen aesthetically, but kid furniture gets ruined, so why pay a ton anyway! I know plastic is an eventuality but we are trying to steer towards as much organic fabric as possible.

thefuturemrsdavis |

Q&A: Creating an eco-friendly nursery?

In terms of paint, there is no such thing as "No VOC" (Volatile Organic Compound) paint. Paints marketed that way just have a very small amount. The reason is that without the volatile organics, the paint would be solid. Its the VOCs keeping the color in suspension that allow you to actually paint the walls.

andreakirchoff |

Q&A: Creating an eco-friendly nursery?

I have a baby on the way and I decided to change the nursery, I searched for eco-friendly furniture vanity that I can place in the nursery and found a lot of websites that have furniture for sale. The previous owners installed bamboo flooring, I wanted to change it till I saw the prices on the internet and I remained shocked because it would cost me a fortune, I am not sure about which paint to use but I am certain I will find something at the IKEA store.

miracraig |

Q&A: Creating an eco-friendly nursery?

Thank you for providing this great and useful post.I am pregnant and I've just started to create my baby's nursery as I want him to have a comfortable place to call home.I've already bought some eco friendly furniture and toys.

suniscomming |

Q&A: Creating an eco-friendly nursery?

I ordered Anna sova food paint for our nursery and love it. Food grade ingredients=chemical free

Sagi17 |

Q&A: Creating an eco-friendly nursery?

I finished the nursery the last month, I decided to change it after I saw at TV a documentary about various materials that are harmful for people. I want to keep my baby safe and decided to make an Eco-friendly nursery, I used bamboo flooring, bought an ergonomic drafting chair and painted the room with a paint made of mineral pigments.

alankegan |

Q&A: Creating an eco-friendly nursery?

It is very important to make sure the paints you use to for the nursery do not contain harmful volatile organic compounds. Usually you can find NO VOC paints at every store, just ask the sales keeper and he will surely help you with that. Also a good idea would be to hire custom furniture makers, they have a lot of experience in this and can help you find the best solutions for the nursery.

amyabel68 |