Second Trimester

Welcome to your 2nd trimester or, as it’s often known, the honeymoon period of pregnancy. While not many women would describe any period of pregnancy as fun, the second trimester pregnancy months are generally agreed upon as the least painful of the nine. Pregnancy symptoms generally subside a bit during the second trimester, so you should experience some physical relief. Take advantage of this break between early pregnancy symptoms and the major discomfort (sorry) that comes with trimester three’s big belly to do some serious planning for baby. Now is a great time to work on the nursery, finish up your baby registry, think about baby names, investigate childbirth classes, and figure out your post-baby work situation. Our comprehensive guide to your second trimester will also walk you through all the prenatal tests and screenings you’ll have during these months and keep you updated on baby’s development. (This trimester is pretty exciting, because you’ll probably start feeling those little kicks!) Scroll down the page to visit our community message board and talk with other moms-to-be in their second trimester. There’s nothing like the support and friendship of other Bumpies going through exactly the same thing as you!

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2nd trimester

The second trimester comes with many exciting milestones like feeling baby's first kicks, and welcome changes like getting some relief from morning sickness. Creating a baby registry, buying maternity clothes, and thinking about baby names are just a few of the fun tasks on your second trimester to-do list. Let us help you with everything you need to know about the 'honeymoon period' of pregnancy.

So far, has pregnancy been harder or easier than you thought it would be?

So far, has pregnancy been harder or easier than you thought it would be?

Definitely easier.

Definitely harder. (Why didn't anyone warn me?!)

At some points easier, at some points harder. It depends on the day.

It's been pretty much as I expected it to be -- so far!

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