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Typical OB appointment schedule?

What's the schedule for prenatal appointments throughout my pregnancy?

Re: What's the schedule for prenatal appointments throughout my pregnancy?

The Bump Expert

Over the course of your pregnancy, you might start to feel like you live at your doctor’s office... and that’s a good thing. Studies show that mothers who visit their doctors regularly during pregnancy deliver much healthier babies on average. Scheduled doctor visits will of course vary depending on your physician and your own physical state, but these general guidelines should give you an idea of what to expect:

4 to 28 weeks
One visit per month (every four weeks)

28 to 36 weeks
Two visits per month (every two to three weeks)

36 weeks to delivery
One visit per week

Paula Kashtan

re: Q: OB appointment schedule?

How do you know how far along are you? I haven't been to the doctor yet, but I have heard that you wait till you're 6-10 weeks. The problem being is I don't know when these people started counting. From conception date? I believe I conceived first full week of Feb. So how far am I?? Help, little lost here!

Mandalynn252 |

re: Q: OB appointment schedule?

I would make an appointment soon...that way your MD can decide how far along you are. GL!

coffeegirlrn |

re: Q: OB appointment schedule?

Call the doc and tell them when your last menstral cycle was and they will give you an estimated due date and when you get your first ultra sound they will be able to give you the exact due date

Just Married |

re: Q: OB appointment schedule?

If you know the date your last period started, take that day, add 7 days, and subtract 3 months and that is your due date. As for how many weeks you are, just count the number of weeks since you started your last period. Congrats!

CC62307 |

re: Q: OB appointment schedule?

I've been pregnant 4 times and I went to my first OB appointment at different times for each of the them. First, was after 12 weeks. 2nd, was at 10 weeks (but was miscarrying). 3rd, was 5 weeks (but miscarried). 4th, will be at 8-9 weeks (couldn't get in any earlier because of work).I don't know my exact date of my last menstrual cycle so I'm not positive how far along I am. An Ultrasound will help determine that.

Ceci_Momma |

Typical OB appointment schedule?

It varies when women go for their first appt. Basically, when you have a positive preg test at home, you should give your doctor a call and let them know. They will have you come into the office and they will confirm it with a regular pee stick test. Then they will ask some questions to try to figure out when you conceived, such as your last period date. Then they will set up your next appts. from there. Your first appointment won't be too exciting except for them confirming your pregnancy. At the second one, you usually fill out a bunch of paperwork (medical history) and maybe do bloodwork and then it gets more fun from there!

Wife4ayear |

Typical OB appointment schedule?

okay. I have a concern. I have been to my OB at 7 weeks, at 11 weeks, at 15 weeks, and have one scheduled next week during my 18th week. I have had no test or exams done except for peeing in a cup, weight and blood pressure (all by the nurses). Is this normal? I expected to have at least some blood tests, or the doctor to do something besides ask "having any morning sickness yet?" I am just kinda worried that I am being shoved under the rug here.

lolinshag |

Typical OB appointment schedule?

That would worry me, too. I've been to the doctor at 6 weeks (having unusual pain and was worried about ectopic pregnancy) and at 9 weeks. At my 9 week I got an ultrasound and they did my first round of blood work. I'd be knocking down their door asking why you haven't had any other tests done so far, because if they're too busy to give you the proper care, you need to know so you can find an OB with the time and staff to give you and baby the best care! Good luck!

kareik01 |

Typical OB appointment schedule?

I took a test at home today and it was positive :) I wanted to go to the doctor because I have a little cramping and my twin sister has had 2 miscarriages. They said they like to wait until 13 weeks. is that normal?

CraftonKirkpatrick |