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Q&A: Tested positive for group B strep?

What if my group B strep test comes back positive?

Re: What if my group B strep test comes back positive?

The Bump Expert

First, take a deep breath and try not to stress. If you’ve tested positive for group B strep, you are now armed with knowledge that can protect your baby! When you go into labor, you’ll be put on an antibiotic drip (usually penicillin, unless you're allergic) that flows down into your amniotic fluid, blood, and birth canal to wipe out some of the bacteria that could be potentially harmful to baby. With the help of the antibiotic, baby should be just fine. GBS-positive women that do not receive the antibiotic, though, are 20 times more likely to pass the bacteria on to their baby.

Guidelines say you should begin receiving the antibiotics four hours prior to delivery, so make sure your hospital is aware of your condition and in possession of the vaccine before your due date. You should also make an effort to get to the hospital in plenty of time to be put on the drip, and don’t be shy to let the nurses know that you need your vaccine when you arrive.

American College of Obstetrics and Gynecologists. Your pregnancy and birth. 4th ed. Washington, DC: ACOG; 2005.

Erin Walters

re: Q: Positive for GBS?

I had this with #1 & all I had to do was be put on the IV antibiotics while in labor & my hospital stay was a little longer so they could monitor the baby. I went in on a Tuesday & I was out on Thursday with my baby. I have been told by my doctors that as long as you get the treatment while in labor than it is a very very low risk of passing it on. I am pregnant with #2 right now & 30wks & waiting to see if I will have it again. I have been told it is likely, & alsothat it doesn't matter if I have had it before. Some doctors will treat it automatically if you have had it & some just wait & see. My doctors will be testing me again at 36wks.

EJAYDE5801 |

Q&A: Tested positive for group B strep?

I was negative for my first birth, and found out today that I'm positive for my second delivery. I was told to make sure I get to the hospital early so they can treat me. My doctor wasn't concerned at all.

RichelleL |

Q&A: Tested positive for group B strep?

My urine tested positive for GBS at 9 weeks. I am on oral antibiotics for 7 days. My doctor said I will have to have IV antibiotics at the time of delivery. He said in his 13 years of practice he hasn't see a baby infected with GBS to a GBS + mom . So that made me feel slightly better but I still am concerned.

csobczak |

Q&A: Tested positive for group B strep?

What vaccine is the answer talking about? Did they type vaccine accidentally in place of antibiotic? I had GBS with my second child and there were no complications at all. Just some antibiotics in my IV. Not a big deal.

llnelso3 |

Q&A: Tested positive for group B strep?

At 36 Weeks, I tested positive for GBS. My midwives gave me a list of things I could do to try to cleanse my system and replace it with healthy bacteria. I retook the test at 41 weeks, and just found out that I am now GBS negative! I am thrilled! I took probiotics and drank lots of vitamin c. Here is a blog post I wrote about what I did: http://ouvrezvosyeuxjdr.blogspot.com/2011/08/retaking-gbs-test.html

ouvrezvosyeux |

Q&A: Tested positive for group B strep?

With baby #1 I was GBS-positive. I went in for my weekly prenatal visit at 4:30 on a Thursday and after my pelvic exam the doctor told me that I was at 5 cm and I was still not having signs of labor but her head was really low. To be sure there was enough time to get the antibiotics in my system, the doctor told me to come into the hospital at 7 am the next morning to have my daughter...by the time the antibiotics were in my system it was 10:30 am and at 8 cm and my water still had not broken, so the doctor broke it for me and I was pushing by noon! If I had waited for labor to start on its own, I would not have had the antibiotics in time...another reason those weekly visits are sooo important!!!

raymondjm13 |

Q&A: Tested positive for group B strep?

When did you head to the hospital? My doctor told me when my water breaks to come straight to the hospital. If it has not broken and I am having contractions, I assume I am okay to stay at home?

cariad2007 |