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Q&A: Should I have CVS/amnio?

Q: Should I have diagnostic prenatal testing? And if I do, amniocentesis or CVS?

Re: Q: Should I have diagnostic prenatal testing? And if I do, amniocentesis or CVS?

The Bump Expert

First, know there’s no“right” or “wrong” answer to this one. Folks have all kinds of different opinions (and like it or not, you’ll probably hear more than a few), but it truly comes down to what you and your partner are comfortable with. Click through the Q&As below for more info.

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Paula Kashtan

re: Q: Should I Have CVS/Amnio?

There are several screenings that we did (N/T scan and Quad screen) that gave us a general risk factor. They're both completely non-invasive and allowed us to decide (should the results show increased risk) that we could take further steps that might include a CVS or Amnio. After those results, more non-invasive options are available for further follow up. We really didnt have any desire to do either the CVS or Amnio unless several screenings and higher level ultrasounds all showed suspicions. Only then would we have even considered opting for an Amnio (not the CVS, which takes actual tissue from the fetus). Luckily all our screenings came back with very low risks. And although that doesnt guarantee there isnt a problem, we were satisfied with the results and did not pursue further testing.

emiliemadison |

re: Q: Should I Have CVS/Amnio?

I chose not to have either test because of the risk of m/c. I had genetic testing done, plus the nuchal translucency ultrasound at 11 weeks. The combined results made me confident that my baby was free of issues, so the risk involved with CVS or amnio didn't seem worth it. I would have one of the tests (probably amnio) if there was any indication there was a problem in future pregnancies.

Padme |

re: Q: Should I Have CVS/Amnio?

We chose not to do any screening or testing of any kind. It was just a personal decision based on the fact that we knew we would love a baby with or without a disability, and that we would never have ended a pregnancy based on the results of any test.

Mrs.KittyCat |

re: Q: Should I Have CVS/Amnio?

We chose to have an amnio done during my first pregnancy when the NT screening and blood work combined results showed a 1 in 65 chance of Down Syndrome. My husband and I talked at length about our decision. We decided we needed definitive results because we wanted to prepare ourselves ahead of time should our child have DS.The procedure itself wasn't hard at all. It was very satisfying to receive definitive and reassuring results 2 weeks later.With this second pregnancy I skipped all the screening tests and went straight to amnio. I'm 40 now and figured my age would skew the screening results anyway. Again, the experience was a good one and the results showed our second daughter's chromosomes to be normal. We're very thankful for the results and especially thankful that this tes is available.

KKMMex |

re: Q: Should I Have CVS/Amnio?

Please note that CVS does NOT take tissue from the baby.

merrygirl |

Q&A: Should I have CVS/amnio?

If I'm concerned about my baby's well being should I get diagnostic testing if just having my baby's heartbeat isn't good enough and my OB isn't worried\?

Dannyswifey10 |

Q&A: Should I have CVS/amnio?

I had CVS and amnio with my pregnancies, as well as screening prior to the diagnostics and I am so glad I did. My younger child was born with a life threatening birth defect. Had we not discovered it prior to his birth, it is absolutely conceivable that it could have been missed after he arrived (his apgar scores were great and he looked PERFECT by all other standards) and he could have easily died at home within days of arrival. Although we had no intention of ever terminating the pregnancy, it was absolutely vital that we had this information prior to his birth so they could monitor him prior to delivery and we could make the best choice of hospital for his arrival - next to a world renown children's hospital. He is doing beautifully today, but I will never regret having made the decision to do some testing and screening while I was pregnant with him so I could make the best, most educated decisions about his arrival and newborn care.

LumpySpark |