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Q&A: Group or solo OB?

Is it okay to go to a clinic with rotating OBs?

Re: Is it okay to go to a clinic with rotating OBs?

The Bump Expert

There are pros and cons to both solo and group practices. Solo practitioners typically provide more personalized attention, but you run the risk of a stranger dealing with an emergency situation or delivering your baby if your doctor is unavailable when the time comes. In a group practice, you’ll probably see each doctor at least once during your pregnancy. This may not be ideal, but at least you’ll know you’ve met the person who will deliver your baby.

Ask these questions as you consider which type of practice works best for you:

[  ] How many doctors are in the group and how do they divide responsibilities?

[  ] Who will you see at regular checkups?

[  ] Who will deliver your baby if your primary OB is unavailable?

[  ] Can you request appointments with a particular doctor?

The Bump Editors

Q&A: Group or solo OB?

I am going to a group practice and like the idea. Not only are there other docs around to bounce ideas off - but knowing that you will definitly know the doctor who delivers your baby is a plus. My office is all electronic so they are all up to dates on each others notes. I still have one guy who I consider my primary doc, but really, once it gets to the point where I am having weekly and twice monthly appointments it will be easy chance to meet all the docs. Last thing I want is surpirses in the dlivery room!

ECSoens |

Q&A: Group or solo OB?

with my first child i went to an office with 3 OBs total. One was my primary but I also met with the other 2 doctors for two of my visits. When i actually had my son. None of them delivered him or was even there. It was awful. My primary doctor left the practice and opened his own office so I switched there. We will see me throughout my whole pregnancy and he will deliver my child since i will be having a scheduled csection.

dominica.maria |

Q&A: Group or solo OB?

With my 8 year old son, I had a solo OB. When I was 5 months my original doctor left his practice and gave it to this lady. I actually had a nice experience with her. She delivered my baby, I was actually on the medical card at the time. So now that I'm on HMO, she is no longer my doctor. I've switched to another doctors officce with 3 OBs, I'll see all 3 but get to choose my primary. I'm okay with it for now, I just hope that my hospital experience is good, cause I'll be at a totally different hosiptal than 8 years ago.

lmarie2011 |