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Q&A: CVS vs. amniocentesis?

I'm going to have prenatal diagnostic testing, but I'm not sure which kind. How do I decide between CVS and amnio?

Re: I'm going to have prenatal diagnostic testing, but I'm not sure which kind. How do I decide between CVS and amnio?

The Bump Expert

Both have benefits. CVS is done earlier, which means (hopefully) putting your worries to rest sooner, or alternatively, an earlier termination or more time to plan and prepare for your child’s condition. CVS results also come back quicker than amnio’s. It may be difficult to find an experienced provider to do the test, though, because fewer doctors perform CVS than amnio. But, if you’re at particular risk for neural tube defects, amnio is the clear choice -- CVS won’t detect these. Amnio also allows you to postpone making your decision (to test, or not to test) until after you’ve seen the results of your second trimester screenings.

American College of Obstetrics and Gynecologists. Your pregnancy and birth. 4th ed. Washington, DC: ACOG; 2005.

Paula Kashtan

Q&A: CVS vs. amniocentesis?


lildivastar16 |

Q&A: CVS vs. amniocentesis?

I lost my first child to a disease called Spinal Muscular Atrophy, she was 8 weeks old when she passed, our family had never heard of the disease or ever had anyone be diagnosed with it. After alot of research we found out that both I and my husband carry a gene that does not affect us. When we found out we were pregnant with our second child we were excited but also concerned that this could happen again, we have a 1 in 4 chance that the child would have same condition as our first child. We were offered an amnio or a cvs to test for same disease, I'm not sure where your from but we were sent to Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore MD, they have a prenatal genetic testing unit. I was set on not doing a cvs because i had heard its not as acurate and causing miscarriage but after talking with them my opinion quickly changed. A cvs can be done at 10-12 weeks when an amnio can be done at 16 weeks, depending on what your testing for if you choose to abort there is a large time in between both tests. I had the cvs procedure done, it took about 30 mins, with no pain at all and my results were back in less than 2 weeks. it all depends on what you want to test for and what your decision will be determining what your results are. If you are concerned with making the right decision i would def consult with a genetic counsler it def helped me.

frances358 |

Q&A: CVS vs. amniocentesis?

I had an amnio with my first child, just b/c I wanted to be sure everything was OK. By the time I finally was far enough along to have one, I remember realizing how horrified I would be if the test came back with a bad result (ie, genetic problem). By the time you are 16 weeks along, the baby has ALL of its limbs and features, and you are VERY pregnant feeling and looking. The thought of terminating a pregnancy that far along is, well, horrifying to say the least. Now with my 2nd child, I went the CVS route. Yes, the results are SLIGHTLY less accurate, but if, god forbid, we feel the need to end the pregnancy, it would be far better to do it now than later. Only you can answer this question. If you want the option to terminate, definitely go CVS. If you will not terminate, no matter what the result is, then I'd wait for the amnio, which is more accurate.

joysaw00 |

Q&A: CVS vs. amniocentesis?

I recently had CVS testing done (where a sample of the placenta was taken with a needle through my belly). My OB recommended it when one of the screening tests indicated a possible marker of Down Syndrome. We could have waited to do the Amnio but decided to go ahead with CVS because waiting the extra few weeks would have been too stressful for both of us. I would say if your risk is not too high and you can wait for the Amnio, do so because it tests for other abnormalities that CVS does not. But if you think you will stress about it too much, go ahead with the CVS testing. We did the earlier testing (CVS) for our own peace of mind.

larosario1 |

Q&A: CVS vs. amniocentesis?

Like larosario1 I had my CVS done on Feb 1. We choose this over the Amnio because it could be done sooner and seemed a little less invasive. In meeting with the genetic specialist we were told the only thing the CVS couldn't detect was Spina Bifida, I will be doing a blood test next week for this birth defect. I am so happy that we did the test because everything came back negative and we were able to find out the gender of the baby, this one is our third and last, and a huge weight is off my shoulders. Talk it over with your other half and decide together. Good luck and know we will all be here to help answer any questions.

cori12180 |

Q&A: CVS vs. amniocentesis?

amniocentesis increases the risks of miscarriage by 90% are you really up to having A miscarriage

varkeyr |

Q&A: CVS vs. amniocentesis?

I would just like to say that Amnio does not increase your risk of miscarriage. None of these tests do. Stop freaking people out.

consciousbuyer |

Q&A: CVS vs. amniocentesis?

you should talk to you doctor about the risks. my doctor said there is a risk of miscarriage involved in having amniocentesis.

cmrice16 |

Q&A: CVS vs. amniocentesis?

The risk of having a miscarriage with an amnio is 1 percent or less. But that does exist, and when you are the 1 percent, it's 100 percent for you. So there is a risk with testing. The risk is that the bag of water ruptures or leaks and you lose the pregnancy because of it, and it can also cause premature labor (contractions) because it can irritate the uterus. However, whoever preforms the procedure makes a large difference in the risk. If they have done a lot of amnios, then the risk factor is less. Still, I couldn't risk it. The CVS tests will have a pregnancy loss rate of 1 in 360. There IS risk involved. You are the only one capable of deciding whether the risks are worth the benefits.

juroguitar |

Q&A: CVS vs. amniocentesis?

You have other options, if your primary concern is chromosomal abnormalities. A non-invasive test called MaterniT21 from a San Diego-based company. It is simply a blood draw and about 2-week processing time (two weeks to get results). In response to those who say there exists no risk of miscarriage with CVS and amniocentesis, this is misinformation. I read reports of the risk of miscarriage after CVS is about 1:100 and the risk after amnio. is 1:200 (1:100, if done earlier than 15 wks) These figures depend on study and stat analysis, of course, so may vary a bit from source to source. I'm 41 and 11 wks pregnant and will be going with the new noninvasive method this week and neural fold test in less than two weeks. Only concern, might be the cost; coverage by insurance might be sketchy due to the fact the method has only been in use for about a year. Of course, if there are other genetic concerns due to family history of genetic disorder and say one or both parent carrying a faulty gene, CVS or amnio might be what's recommended. I would contact a genetic counselor, if that's the case. They're the specialist in that area and are the best to consult for such situations. I hope this helps, mamas.

alliewing |

Q&A: CVS vs. amniocentesis?


aubriedanelle |

Q&A: CVS vs. amniocentesis?

Beware that the MaterniT21 and other screenings are just that, screenings. They do NOT give you defnitive answers, just a better likelihood of your individual risk of carrying a child with a chromosomal abnormality. That said, I had CVS done this week. I was concerned about the transvaginal part of it, and of course all the dire warnings they give you before you go in for the actual test. My doc has done many of the procedures, and while it's never comfortable to be in stirrups, he was amazingly comforting and quick about the whole thing. The ONLY thing I felt was the iodine scrub of my cervix, which was uncomfortable but not painful. The insertion of the tiny tube into my cervix, which I expected to be painful, I didn't feel at all, in fact not until I saw it on the ultrasound did I know he had reached the Chorion. Alas, I requested the FISH test, which is a rapid result version, and hopefully will have results today or tomorrow from that. It's a percent or two less accurate than the full CVS results, but I'm grateful to know sooner whatever it is that I'll find out. The other difference is that amnio can detect a broader scope of issues, including spina bifida, which CVS does not. Also, for heavens sake, to whomever is spewing garbage lies about the risks of miscarriage with amnio, knock it off. 1 in 100 for CVS, 1 in 1,000 for amnio. Basically it's because with CVS you actually interact with the placenta, so if your provider isn't as experienced, there could be issues. With amnio they remove amniotic fluid, which is far less disruptive to your little one and its placenta.

naturalarmygirl |

Q&A: CVS vs. amniocentesis?

I had all the bloodwork done ans my risk of down syndrome came back very high. I decided to have the amnio (My perinatal doctor stated there was a .5% chance of miscarriage) my results came back positive. I decided to get it done for peace of mind. I had worried up till my 18 weeks (when I had the amnio) and I didnt wan to feel that way through my entire pregnancy (my husband did not agree with my choice) Knowing baby boy has downs is a lot to accept and I didnt want to risk grieving when he was here and needing me. My husband says it so well (I am not grieving the loss of a child, I am grieving all of my ideas and dreams of what I wanted in my child) now I just want him to come out healthy. It was the best choice I made. I am now 24 weeks along and have accepted the hand god has dealt me and I cannot wait to meet my little guy.

KCatrett |

Q&A: CVS vs. amniocentesis?

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